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We are a Tulsa-based Creative Agency with a mission to help businesses communicate their personality and story to their customers.
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What’s in the name?

Matcha Design is a Tulsa-based full-service website design, website development, logo design, and print designing entity committed to serving local and national clients.

Just as “Matcha” is the highest quality Japanese green tea available, Matcha Design serves our clients with a robust blend of quality services and unmatched talent. Though our walls are lined with coveted awards, our core philosophy is not about designing for the designer’s sake. It is all about what is best for the client. Our client-centered approach has helped many companies refine their brand.

People who drink green tea claim they feel better, even if they can’t explain why. Our clients are kind of the same. They know their new website is aesthetically pleasing with friendly navigation almost showing the way. They might not even know why; it just works. As a result, click-throughs increase, and revenues go up.

We Care About Our Clients

At Matcha Design, we are passionately committed to helping our clients succeed. We provide our business and non-profit clients with the same exceptional service: client-driven, custom design that is spot-on the first time around. And as a result, 90% of our business comes via word of mouth.

We Immerse Ourselves in Your Brand

We do our homework, so we don’t waste your time. Our clients have faith in the Matcha Design process, which places the customer at the very center. Our clients know their perspectives might be slightly biased, so we study your competition and industry trends. Then, armed with the latest technology, we will propose innovative solutions that set your brand apart.

We Deliver Award Winning Design…that Works

We know the fine line between artful web design and fine art. So although your website will be the Best in Class, it won’t be just because it looks good. Our award-winning custom graphics and user interfaces are intuitive and backed by robust custom functionality.

Our Approach

It takes more than a big idea to be successful.

The Matcha Design process is not focused on a technical solution. Instead, it focuses on understanding the anticipated audience experience by fusing creativity with intelligent design practices. It takes planning and a shared understanding of the project to make it successful. Most clients learn along with us about what their needs truly are. In fact, some of the most valuable features come out of the work process! Let us lead you through our design process so you know what to expect from us when you choose us as your graphic design team.


Design is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all process at Matcha Design. We dig deeper. In the initial client briefing, we’ll discuss your “ideal” client, their preferred experience, and your primary marketing message.


We wait to conceptualize the design of your project until after we fully understand your purpose and goals. Only then do we choose how we will leverage the best technologies and creative strategies to achieve your design goals.


At this stage, we present the design to you, the client, along with a functionality brief. Again, communication is key, as we will work closely together to choose the design that best supports your brand. This collaborative process will give way to an innovative solution specific to your project’s purpose.


Here we bring the vision to life! We develop the unique and crisp graphics presented in the previous stage, adding in the technical functionality as needed and digging deep into the trenches of your creative design. Your organization’s story is now ready to be shared with the world.


It is now time for the final client review and refinement. In the case of web projects, we test websites for functionality and compatibility and perform a final run-through, ensuring everything is in place for launch!

Meet The Founder

Every member of our team is uniquely skilled and passionate about what we do.

Matcha Design was founded in 2004 by President & CEO Chris Lo, who’s worked in the design industry for 30 years. His artistic, talented, and professional design experience includes toy design, graphic design, media production, photography, and educational module design. He also applied his talent in a Fortune 500 corporate environment before founding Matcha Design in 2004.

The Matcha team is a group of intelligent, skillful, and passionate individuals that work well with each other and our clients. Each team member brings their expertise, an open mind, and a drive for perfection to the table. Under the leadership of Chris Lo, the team has accomplished numerous projects, across the nation and the globe, to clients’ satisfaction, some in record-breaking times.

With his multi-cultural experience and background, Chris has a thorough understanding and awareness of subtle details that others could otherwise overlook. Chris has worked on and directed projects of all sizes–from logo design for one-man shops to an interface design for a touchscreen system for Super Bowl XXXIII.

Though multiple regional, national, and international design and advertising competitions have recognized his accomplishments, a true passion for applying divine artistry appropriately in the real world has kept Chris motivated all these years. He believes art does not have to be confined to a frame but can be found on a coffee mug or a soft drink bottle.

Though our team is not large, each member is a hand-picked expert in their specialty. We look for individuals who have not only the technical qualifications and experience but also a heart for excellence and the will to improve. With diverse backgrounds, talents, and tastes, we collaborate to ensure that we’re seeing different angles of your project and using the best technologies and techniques for your specific needs. We consistently drive each other to improve our skills and knowledge to bring the best we have to our clients every single day.

What Makes Us Different

Matcha Design is passionate about its clients. The Tulsa, OK-based creative firm has earned its reputation of design mojo and impeccable service through years of award-winning design since 2004.


Where other design shops focus only on current trends in direct-to-consumer e-commerce or push out the same pre-rendered media for small businesses — Matcha employs the same goal-driven creative, unheard-of collaboration, and a client-centric mindset to each of their projects… large or small, locally and internationally, while covering a range of industries and markets.

That flexibility comes in handy because talent and intent are scalable when you put in the work. So whether you’re looking for a one-off design or digital ad creative, a new logo refresh, customized web design, or an entire rebrand, Matcha Design has an eye for detail.

This perspective comes from the direction of Chris Lo, their Principal and Creative Director, who guides the Matcha team to think of things a little deeper and from the view of art and design.

Building Brand Legacy

When trying to communicate a business’s ideology, purpose, and mission, no part of that brand’s story or history is too insignificant. How existing customers and the general consumer audience interact, communicate with, and associate with that brand also need to be considered.

Developing creative design that matches a brand’s tone and directly speaks to its audience is something that one can never rush or duplicate without dedication and effort. That’s why Matcha’s passion for design is so important. It’s what keeps them going and lets them consistently deliver industry-leading quality work to their clients that help those brands build a legacy.

Like most small creative shops, Matcha is the best fit for businesses looking to achieve a fresh, innovative, and disrupting style without being just another account number on a long list at some Goliath firm. The variables that matter are quality, service, and on-time delivery, something that Matcha’s portfolio and long relationships with clients beautifully illustrate.

Delivering Value

Looking at Matcha Design’s website, you can see they genuinely care about their clients and are in for the long haul. In addition, the prominently displayed News & Blog features an unorthodox mix of content.

Pride in your firm’s award history is only natural. Still, diving into the panels and award ceremonies where Matcha has earned accolades reveals a common denominator that subtly reinforces one of the core commitments of the brand.

Each of the annual awards Matcha takes home (recurring yearly for decades) are in categories where the firm has competed against some of the best creatives in the business representing brands that are international leaders and household names.

With each new project Matcha takes on, it’s safe to say those brands can expect a creative design that is ready to be matched up against media on a global scale.

Providing a Resource & Education

Where you would expect strong messages for promotions or new available packages, Matcha welcomes visitors to their website by prominently showcasing their clients and publishing helpful articles like “Why Intent Matters When Choosing a Web Design Firm”. From the group up, they’re built to place the best interests of their clients first.

Furthering the conversation of Matcha Design as a resource, our Blog regularly breaks down and deconstructs the elements that go into a good design. Exposing their own process on how to develop some of the best creative available is the very definition of disruptive, particularly for an industry that has for so long kept behind-the-scenes processes as arcane secrets.

True Client Centric Service

Best in class is a popular phrase and one that Matcha interprets on multiple levels. Understanding that there is a fine line between artful web design and fine art, the firm deploys original graphics and UI’s that are tailor-made for each brand— always crafted to be as intuitive to use as possible, robust, and functional.

One of the most beneficial results of the Matcha team doing their homework is that it saves clients time. Because their production process places brands at the very center, Matcha conducts rigorous industry research to ensure the finished product is molded around how the client best serves customers. While open communication with clients is done every step of the way, the questions asked are always pertinent, relevant, and work to show why so many regular clients of Matcha place peace of mind in the firm’s abilities.

Some tried-and-true methods are always effective. Attention is always leveraged by word of mouth, which the market has always established. Focusing on client-driven service, emphasizing brand legacy, and consistently delivering the very best work possible, Matcha Design is proud that 90% of their new business comes via word of mouth alone. The ROI of working with Matcha is that they treat your brand the same way.

Community Involvement

At Matcha Design, we’re especially passionate about giving back to our Tulsa community.

Community Involvement | Matcha Design

Investing in the global and local community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business.

On a global level, Matcha Design has been involved in Kiva since 2009. This micro-finance program facilitates short-term loans to entrepreneurs across the globe. We have helped finance single mothers and struggling business people in many developing countries to provide job opportunities, hope, and joy.

We now partner with Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK to promote their local ministries impacting the greater Tulsa area. This church is highly involved with its surrounding community, so our partnership leads to an impact on individuals and families within the area.

Our passion for helping others is part of who we are. It gives us a sense of purpose that feeds our creativity. So, call today and give us the opportunity to pay it forward.