Advertising Services

Creating good advertising is about creating ideas that sell. Creating effective ads takes more than marketing know-how. A great ad will creatively grab the viewer’s attention, and it should have a clear selling point and communicate effectively to the target audience.

It makes a difference whether the ad is traditional print, trade show, magazine, web, or social media – all need to be adapted differently. For example, when designing web banners, there are usually requirements on specific dimensions and maximum file size. For a newspaper ad, the amount of text must fit the size of the ad – several paragraphs in a small space means most people will pass over it. People tend to have short attention spans. For that reason, passersby will largely ignore a billboard if it contains more than 15 words. Therefore photography and imagery come into play, as they can be more effective if done well.

With so much advertising encountered by everyone each day, only ads that really stand out will be effective. However, we understand that money is sometimes a defining factor. Therefore, we can work with your budget and help you decide what types of advertising to pursue, if necessary.

“Building a reputation after launching a brand campaign takes time, but media and social media integration can help make it much more effective.”

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