Trade Show Graphic Design Services

When creating environmental graphics, it’s imperative to have good spatial perception. What looks good on a page won’t necessarily look good on a booth. Especially at a trade show, when it’s among hundreds of others, your booth needs to stand out—the surrounding environment and context change what colors to use and what types of photographs. Even the size of imagery and text matter depending on whether your viewer stands over a distance or next to it, not to mention the extreme importance of lighting.

A trade show campaign involves many elements besides just environmental. The branding experience includes the booth, of course, handouts, posters, giveaways, the interface on a computer display, and animated looping backgrounds to draw attention. We can do all that. Simply provide us with your booth’s specifications and manufacturer’s contact information, and we’ll take it from there. Our expert team can manage the production of booth concepts and visuals that are sure to get your business noticed. We can also help spread your messaging to prospects before and after the show with pre- and post-show marketing campaigns.

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Featured Trade Show Projects