Logo Design Services

Crafting a corporate identity requires a careful thought process and an understanding of the visual language inherent in logo design. An effective logo must be distinctive and easily identifiable. In addition, it must convey a message which requires an understanding of the organization’s personality, not a cookie-cutter formula.

Before we design a logo, we try to understand your company culture. Sometimes color is best associated with your culture, sometimes a shape. The logo may be pure typography or graphic elements. A stock logo template simply won’t do justice to your organization’s unique qualities.

Versatility in a logo is essential. It must look good and be identifiable in any medium, be it print, web, fax, stitched into a ball cap or polo, or frosted on a glass. We may use multiple versions for different sizes or media.

When refreshing an existing identity, whether modernizing or adapting it to a new medium, we want to maintain the existing heritage of the organization while injecting creativity and updating the design’s relevance.

“As Saul Bass said, ‘Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company,’ that’s why the design for these silent ambassadors is critically important to your company’s digital presence.”

Featured Logo Design Projects