BlueSpeed Launches New Website to Engage Clients

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Press - BlueSpeed Launches New Website to Engage Clients

BlueSpeed LLC launched their new website this week with help from design strategists at Matcha Design. The site was built around the new BlueSpeed identity branding and includes custom photos of BlueSpeed’s top-notch design portfolio from Chris Lo Photography, and several features to boost client engagement.

“This fresh website design will break BlueSpeed into a higher level in their industry,” said Chris Lo, President & CEO at Matcha Design. “We really accented the sleek blue colors and website features to enhance BlueSpeed’s focus on quality innovation for their clients.”

Matcha Design gave the website a high-end look-and-feel, but kept the design clean to mirror the company’s tagline, “Custom Technology. Simple Solutions”.

“We strive to make the complicated world of consumer electronics easy to understand, navigate and afford,” said Ryan Sullivan, founder of BlueSpeed LLC. “A new website was the next step in serving our customers.”

When landing on the website viewers are greeted with stunning photos from BlueSpeed’s design portfolio; where they can select blue knobs to identify hidden technology in each shot. This component allows the viewer to visually experience BlueSpeed’s custom technology. Social Media and share buttons were added to enhance the site’s shareability, and a detailed contact form was designed to help BlueSpeed track business inquiries and appointments for their new showroom.

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