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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020



BlueSpeed is one of the leading providers of home and commercial automation and lighting control design in Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma. BlueSpeed’s professional design and installation teams specialize in connecting client’s audio, video, lighting, temperature and security needs with the best products, and installing them the proper way.

The AV company’s first logo and website identity did not reflect the cutting edge technology and services the company provides, and most importantly, it did not help BlueSpeed stand out in their competitive marketplace. BlueSpeed needed to bring their website to the next level with a complete rebrand on their logo and web presence identity.


  • Design a fresh logo that positions BlueSpeed as a leader in their AV technology industry. 
  • Redesign the website with a new identity that engages viewers and educates them on BlueSpeeds products and services. 
  • Create website copy that describes the BlueSpeed story accurately, and appropriately for web communications. 
  • Make it easy for visitors to connect with the BlueSpeed team through website.
  • Introduce potential customers with the new BlueSpeed theater showroom. 
  • Showcase BlueSpeed custom technology work in home and commercial spaces with custom photography. 
  • Provide a website that can be easily updated as needed. 
  • Develop a website that is cross-platform compatible with mobile and tablet technology


“Wow! We loved the new design for the logo and website. It shows our work and what we stand for. We loved the design so much that we used the design for promotional postcards, folders, business cards, signs and vehicle wraps.” – Ryan Sullivan, Founder of BlueSpeedAV

Challenges and Solutions:

Brand Identity…

BlueSpeed’s logo design was the first step to reaching their goals. We created an identity that was bold, sleek and simple: 

  •  Two shades of blue, coupled with a polished gray, reflected their custom work.
  • A high tech font that represents their industry.
  • Tilted the logo slightly to give the feeling of speed.
  • Worked in an AV element into the typography to symbolize their technology integration.
  • Simple design that will work well for multiple marketing needs. 

We also developed a great tagline for their new logo. Many people can be confused by how custom technology works, but BlueSpeed demolishes any fears and confusion surrounding custom audio and visual work. After a determined brainstorming session and collaborative conversations with BlueSpeed, we settled on “Custom Technology – Simple Solutions” as the new tagline. It is straightforward and strong and helps BlueSpeed standout in their market.

Photo Support…

We did a one-day photography session on location at the new BlueSpeed theater showroom and at a client’s home. The showroom lighting was very dark, with vibrant accent colors. We photographed the big screens, hidden speakers, technology rack and their flagship Control4 product. We needed to capture every feature of the room to entice visitors to visit the new showroom and experience BlueSpeed work for themselves.

We visited one of their client’s homes and photographed BlueSpeed’s handiwork being used in a more casual setting. We photographed custom work in the bathroom, living area, patio, indoor and outdoor kitchens, bar and game rooms, security systems, and more. Each photograph required extensive detail and lighting prep work by our team, and it yielded amazing results for BlueSpeed’s online photo gallery and future marketing needs. We edited each photo to enhance it’s natural surroundings: lights were added to hanging lamps, fire burning in the fireplace, sheen added to the patio floors, television screens with sports and other media images, etc.

Website Transformation…

case-study-matcha-design-tulsa-website-bluespeed-av_1.jpgThe original BlueSpeed site did not position the company well. The site appeared cookie cutter, not custom like the work BlueSpeed provides every day to its clients. Many pages were either too text heavy (several client testimonials endlessly listed on a page) or lacked text (products page with only bullet points). It simply did not engage visitors in the way BlueSpeed needed.

We kept the site design high end, but visually clean to align with the “Custom Technology – Simple Solutions” tagline. Vibrant blues, purples, pinks and whites sweep throughout the site’s design and around text areas; quite unlike the flat grey background the site initially had.

The website is built in a way so customers can experience BlueSpeed technology and be educated on its features and benefits. Upon landing on the home page, visitors are greeted with a photo slider featuring images from BlueSpeed’s home and commercial work. Each photo includes small blue knobs, that when hovered over with a cursor or selected, a small pop up appears describing the hidden technology in the area. Also, the slider is on a continuous loop but is programed to cease looping when people select the blue knobs; this way the visitor can explore the picture without being rushed by the looping feature. A separate design gallery was built to showcase the rest of the photography and included descriptions on how BlueSpeed integrates its technology into home and commercial spaces.

The phone number for a free home consultation is featured on each page so visitors can connect with BlueSpeed at any moment in their browsing experience. Plus, a custom contact form with specific contact fields makes communicating with BlueSpeed via email seamless.

A news section was included for BlueSpeed to post new updates about their company development and post articles on the audio/video industry. This section will help them keep fresh content on their site, encourage SEO, and let’s visitors know BlueSpeed is an expert in the industry.

Client testimonials headlined by descriptive key phrases are built into the sidebars: Seamless Solutions, Impressive Innovation, Effortless Entertainment, Top Technology. Also, custom designed buttons give visitors the ability to share the website easily.

Direct Mail Design…

BlueSpeed loved the branding on the logo and website so much that they decided to use it to design a direct mail postcard and a presentation folder for customer proposals. We discussed the goal of the postcard to make sure the best messaging was used, and researched postage costs and layout parameters. BlueSpeed wanted to handwrite each address, so ink and paper type had to be considered for the best possible surface and look.


The presentation folder needed to “wow” clients when opened. We used great shots of the BlueSpeed showroom on the right flap and did custom copywriting describing BlueSpeed’s company philosophy. The folder was completely full color and laminated, with a pocket on the left to house paper proposals, and a slot for a business card.


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