Engaging a Visual Culture

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Engaging a Visual Culture

We live in a visual culture, so adding video to your marketing strategy can be extremely effective.

In 2011, we did a video for a local church highlighting the different levels of student ministry available to the community. The video was an engaging visual tool for the church, and it included some simple ideas to keep in mind when vision casting your next marketing video:

Keep it simple.

Breakaway always had the same message at the core of their call to action: “Come Visit Us.” Don’t try to cram a bunch of different messages in the video at once. Our attention spans can only handle so much.

Show them, don’t tell them.

One of the goals of the Breakaway video was to showcase how awesome it is to be involved with the student ministry. There are several scenes showing students having fun, interacting with the service and enjoying the facilities. Try to visualize ways to show the story because words are not always necessary.

Call in the experts.

Breakaway called in key leadership individuals to talk about the ministry experience. You don’t want to fill your video with a bunch of talking heads that do not have a background in what they are speaking about. Take time to select who is best to deliver the message of your video.

Excellent production.

There is a difference between good video and great video production. Find a crew that understands not only your video purpose, but has the abilities to make it amazing. Skilled knowledge in lighting, sound, and cohesive storytelling will go a long way in making your marketing video effective

Matcha Design believes in the power of visual storytelling. Let us know how we can help you with your next video project.

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