How To Write Content That Drives Conversion

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

How To Write Content That Drives Conversion

That means, writing content that MATTERS. There are three parts to this equation: YOU, Your Audience and Your Business. The content that you write and publish online is what drives the success of every internet marketing campaign, social media page and website you own. Textual content is what is searched for by all search engines, including YouTube. So it is important, that the website content you create is of the best possible quality.

1. What Matters to YOU

If you feel like punching the clock when you sit down to write, your readers can sense the lack of excitement and enthusiasm. On the other hand, if you infuse your value, passion, conviction, and superpowers into your writing, the energy is contagious – it’s the good stuff that makes connection and drives conversion.

2. What Matters to Your Audience (Your Niche)

To be relevant, your content needs to address a problem for which they are actively seeking solution. You need to know what they want, and how they talk about it.

In a way, “relevance” is a “first impression” thing. When they see your article title, are they going to click through and read the post? There are many trainings out there talking about writing “headlines that sell” so I am not going to belabor it here. But writing “headlines that sell” to get the click through is just the first step.

You want not only traffic, but also CONVERSION. These are the magic sauce that makes you unique in the eyes of your ideal clients. When they establish the connection with you, when they are inspired by and believe in your WHY, they won’t be making decision solely based on “price” and “features” of your products and services, so you are making “competition” a non-issue.

You need to be honest, vulnerable and transparent – which requires that we overcome our own fears so we can be ourselves, fully and unapologetically. You need to use the words that connect you with your readers while letting your personality and excitement come through. It’s not just the facts; it’s not just what you say. It’s how you say it that makes a difference.

3. What Matters to Your Business

There is nothing self-gratuitous when blogging is used as part of a content marketing strategy. You need to get clear on your business goals and objectives, so you can design your content around what’s happening in your business.

NB – When talking about generating traffic to a website, we especially think of SEO, which remains the main source of traffic for a website. Yet there are other SEO solutions complement to generate qualified traffic to your website. In this article I will give you some tips to allow you to optimize the capture of traffic to your site!

Social Networks

Once the site is created and SEO optimized on site, it is often recommended to create pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. By occupying these free communication media, you will be able to give visibility to your brand or business. You will mainly be as close to your target prospects and customers. The more you are active on these media; the chances of improving your web traffic increase. If you have videos presenting the activity of your business, or you have any type of PowerPoint presentations you want to share, do not hesitate to register (for free) on content-sharing sites such as YouTube and Slideshare. Besides offering a good SEO for your content, they will open new pathways to your website. Leave nothing to chance.

The Emailing

To attract the attention of your recipient, avoid self-promotion and try to provide a service to your recipients, by relaying such articles funds that you could grow in your news section.

The Guest Blogging

The practice refers to being invited by the editor of a blog to write an article as an expert on a topic. The Guest Blogging is therefore based on a “give and take” the guest editor take advantage of the reputation of the blog, which itself can take advantage of the reputation of the author. More importantly, this practice allows the guest to improve its website traffic by inserting links in the text. However, don’t abuse backlinks provider sites, on pain of being penalized by the search engines. Always remember to provide original and quality content because if your content attracts your reader, there is a good chance that he will visit your website.

The Presses Relationships

You can apply online by sending a press release announcing something new about your business: launching a new product, moving into new premises, to attract the attention of journalists and hope they are talking about you.

Paid Search

If you are looking for quick results and generate qualified traffic, you can turn to online advertising. Google AdWords, advertising the famous search engine, offers a complete system for conducting PPC campaigns. However, setting up an AdWords campaign cannot be improvised and requires a minimum of knowledge in e-marketing to optimize targeting and improving the impact in terms of traffic and conversions.

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