Launching of the New Nian En Church Introduction Video

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Press - Launching of the New Nian En Church Introduction Video

Matcha Design is excited to announce the new introduction video for Nian En Church, a Chinese evangelical church, located in Hong Kong. We have done many videos for churches in the United States in the past, but this is the first one we have done for a client in Asia. Producing a video on the road has its unique challenges, we would like to share with you a little bit of our story and how we overcame those challenges.

Since we had to fly long-distance to produce this video, we had to travel light. We couldn’t bring much good equipment such as lights, steady-cam, cranes, tracks, etc. We brought only our Canon 5D MarkII and 7D along with the Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder. We had to improvise a lot while we filmed in different locations.

Lighting Challenges

When we were filming in the Nian En Church, the first thing we noticed was the variation of kelvin (color temperature) in different rooms. We also encountered extreme low-light situations during filming on the top of the double-decker bus while caroling in the crowded streets of Hong Kong. For the close-up talking head shots, we used a Litepanels LED Light mounted on a mic stand to provide additional catch light, along with a plastic white tablecloth to soften some stage lights, and plain white copy paper to mask out distracting fluorescent lights. Kudos to Canon, their 5D and 7D allowed us to manually adjust the color temperature before we shot and they can handle low lighting quite well. We’ve also done some post-work to eliminate most noises as well. Last but not least, we made adjustments to the shutter speed in order to eliminate the bad flicker effect generated by the fluorescent lights due to the difference in frequency between Asia and the US.

Filming Challenges

Many of the shots were done in one single opportunity due to the time constraint, therefore we had to nail it with hand-held, tripod (we could only use a photography tripod), placing the camera over the top of the back rest of the chair…whatever worked…

We couldn’t bring a teleprompter set with us, so after the final scripting was done, we printed all the text on a numbered stack of A4 papers and 2-3 of us held the stacks close to the lens for Pastor Lo to read it through. The speed and coordination were critical but after about 5-6 tries, we worked out a good routine and perfected the timing to get the job done while being silent so that no unnecessary sounds were being picked up.

While we were filming live during a mission trip, we discovered that our memory cards were missing. (Since we have very limited room to carry our camera gear, we had to strip our gear down to a bare minimum) And unlike in Hong Kong, where we can buy a replacement memory card easily, there’s no way that we can get a card anywhere. With live coverage beginning in seconds, I pulled out my new Casio EX-ZR10 personal digital camera from my coat pocket and started shooting. After 5 hours and 3 exhausted batteries, the shooting was completed. I’m glad this little camera can shoot full HD; with our handy work in post-production, we managed to utilize those clips to match our high-end footage and produce a piece that flowed nicely.

Matcha Design would like to thank everyone from the Christian Evangelical Centre Nian En Church and Pastor Lo for such hospitality and giving us such an opportunity. We would also like to thank Amazing Grace Worship Music Ministry for granting us the rights to use their music and make this so much more alive.

We invite you to watch this video here or on our YouTube Channel. Cheers!

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