Logo and Facebook Cover Designed for Acceptance.org

Friday, January 18, 2013

Press - Logo and Facebook Cover Designed for Acceptance.org

Matcha Design was glad to come alongside acceptance.org, a grassroots movement to promote universal acceptance, and explore its identity design.

“Acceptance is among the most basic human needs, yet it has managed to stay just out of grasp since its inception,” said Daniel Henderson, founder of acceptance.org. “As a result, many of the world’s youth turn to drugs, gangs, and empty relationships to gain a sense of belonging.”

In the design, the large ‘C’ hugs the small ‘c’ to demonstrate caring for and protecting others as a core component of acceptance. The green “paint dot” is dynamic; representing diversity, growth, and harmony, and ultimately, is purely uplifting.

The brand will be implemented through several media channels, and so far is featured on the Web and Facebook; the primary social media platform for visitors to share their stories and build awareness.

“Facebook’s cover photo feature is a great way to inspire visitors and pull them closer to the movement or organization, but unfortunately many times people simply slap an image up and don’t put much thought into what it is communicating,” said Jenna Schario, Marketing and Communications Manager at Matcha Design.

After extensive research, Chris Lo decided to use several faces with different ethnic backgrounds, ages, and genders represented; to mirror acceptance as a universal need. The paint splatter adds visual interest and a slight reflection gives a sense of depth.

If you need help pulling your identity design through your business/organization’s Facebook page, feel free to contact us.

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