Matcha Design Brings Home 9 Awards At 19th Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards

Feb 16, 2022

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Tulsa, OK – Matcha Design, a Tulsa marketing and advertising company that offers wraparound advertising services, brought home 9 Service Industry Advertising Awards. These awards honor companies that offer innovative services in the realm of advertising for service industries.

The 9 Service Industry Advertising Awards were:

  • Gold Award – (Website)
  • Gold Award – Oklahoma Chiller Trade Show Booth (Installation)
  • Gold Award – SpringPoint Government Services (Website)
  • Gold Award – (Digital Video Advertisement)
  • Gold Award – Oklahoma Chiller Anniversary Wear (Imprinted Materials)
  • Gold Award – BE BOLD SKO Campaign (Integrated Marketing Campaign)
  • Gold Award – HalcyIT Logo (Logo / Letterhead Design)
  • Gold Award – Holland Hall Pre-game Devotional (Other Misc. Collateral, Special Promotional Materials)
  • Merit Award – Dr. Eric Leung Logo (Logo / Letterhead Design)

“We are honored to be in the company of such formidable advertising agencies, and we are glad that our materials made such a strong impression on the judging panel” Chris Lo, founder and CEO of Matcha Design stated. Mr. Lo says that he was “pleasantly surprised by how many agencies participated this year. Hopefully, this will lead to greater visibility for the award recipients as this competition grows annually.”

1,200 entries were submitted to the 19th annual Service Industry Advertising Awards. A panel of judges across the country judged these entries and selected the best of them to receive gold, silver, and bronze awards. 500 advertising agencies and 1,000 institutions in the service industry submitted their materials for consideration. The entries were examined by the judges, who were looking for submissions that demonstrated “execution, creativity, quality, consumer appeal and overall breakthrough advertising content.”

Matcha Design received awards in seven of the eight categories that the judges use to classify entries. This diversity of submissions reflects Matcha Design’s overall advertising ethos of providing comprehensive services that help their customers advertise across a wide array of platforms.

In order to work across diverse platforms, Matcha Design offers a wide range of services from branding to web design & development. They also work with a wide range of company sizes, from private practices to large corporations.

Chris Lo, founder and CEO of Matcha Design, expressed how special these awards can be for members of the service industry. “As designers who work for the service industry, our goal is to create advertising that will highlight the high-quality services that our clients offer. When a customer looks at a logo I design, I want them to read the company’s story quickly and easily. As designers, we have to set our egos aside. Designing a logo or other marketing materials for the service industry isn’t about creating something just artistic that a consumer will have to think long and hard about. So when we get recognized for our work by peers who advertise in the service industry, it is all the more special because it feels like someone is noticing work that intentionally goes unnoticed.”

Awards like this one are important learning experiences for service industry advertisers. It is a chance for peers in the advertising industry to analyze and rate each-other’s work. This gives advertising agencies a clear picture of which of their campaigns resonated with their peers and which missed the mark.

Matcha Design received 8 of the 151 of the Service Industry Advertising Gold Awards. They are excited to capitalize on this momentum and use it to reach a wider audience. If you are interested in connecting with Matcha Design for assistance with graphic design, advertising, social media management, and marketing, they are accepting new clients. As a relatively young company (they were founded in 2004), they offer an adaptive and comprehensive approach to marketing that many larger design companies cannot offer.

For those interested in connecting with Matcha Design or learning more about marketing and design, Matcha Design’s blog is a great place to start. They update their blog regularly with their latest company news as well as insights on developments in the advertising and design industry.

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