Matcha Design Crowned the Best of Oklahoma Award by UpCity

Oct 20, 2022

Matcha Design Crowned the Best of Oklahoma Award by UpCity

UpCity uses proprietary algorithms to measure company credibility and trustworthiness. They recently honored Matcha Design, a full-service creative agency, with the Best of Oklahoma Award.

Over 50,000 provider profiles are listed on UpCity, highlighting nearly 40 data points on each provider, including target markets, price points, services offered, and more. Matcha Design is thankful and humbled to be featured as one of the Best B2B Providers of Oklahoma by UpCity.

“Matcha employs the same goal-driven, unheard-of collaboration and client-centric mindset to each of their projects,” said Chris Lo, founder of Matcha Design. “Large or small, locally or internationally, covering a large range of industries and markets.”

The eight factors used to determine Matcha Design’s standing are as follows:

  1. UpCity profile completion. All relevant data points should be highlighted so businesses can easily find the provider and services they’re looking for.
  2. UpCity Engagement. Community interaction includes expert posting, responding to reviews, and profile maintenance.
  3. UpCity Reviews. These provide an in-depth look at how customers feel about providers and their services. Quality and quantity are both considered.
  4. Google Reviews. Your Google Business Profile reviews are also factored in, with an eye toward quality and quantity of reviews.
  5. Presence in Search Engines. Prominent rank is an indicator of authority and domain expertise – so UpCity tracks over 56,000 industry keywords.
  6. Location Consistency. UpCity ensures that your Google Business Profile is the same as your UpCity listing.
  7. Domain Authority. A trusted domain authority metric is used to predict how much authority the domain has in the eyes of Google and others.
  8. Web Speed and Experience. Website speed has an impact on a prospect’s first impression, making it an important consideration for UpCity.

Being recognized as a top B2B agency is an added honor because B2C generally yields more conversions. Effective B2B agencies must appeal to top decision-makers in the company. Since these executives are experts in their field, agencies must be the best of the best to succeed. It takes a great deal of hard work, creativity, and problem-solving skill to become a B2B creative agency, and still more dedication to win the coveted recognition of one of Oklahoma’s best.

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About Matcha Design

Matcha Design is a full-service creative B2B agency with decades of experience executing its client’s visions. The award-winning company specializes in web design, logo design, branding, marketing campaign, print, UX/UI, video production, commercial photography, advertising, and more. Matcha Design upholds the highest personal standards for excellence and can see things from a unique perspective due to its multicultural background.  The company consistently delivers custom, high-quality, innovative solutions to its clients using technical savvy and endless creativity. For more information, visit

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