Matcha Design Helps Launch Brand Identity For The bART Center For Music

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Press - Matcha Design Helps Launch Brand Identity For The bART Center For Music

Matcha Design is proud to come alongside the prestigious Barthelmes Conservatory in Tulsa to rebrand its identity with a new name and look. The new name, The bART Center For Music (The bART), encompasses not only the organization’s history of musical excellence but moves it closer to the community as a hub for music education and growth.

“We have watched many of The bART students grow up and advance in their skills over the years, and I wanted this to be a brand for them,” said Chris Lo, Creative Director at Matcha Design.

The new logo design and messaging focus on the music community inside and outside of the organization. Every element was inspired by the students who passionately practice and perform music at The bART throughout the week. First, the “b” is lowercase to symbolize the organization’s rich history with the Barthelmes family. The “ART” portion is uppercase to emphasize music as an art form. The dynamic lines and colors represent a multi-piece ensemble and the different moods you feel when you listen to music.

“The new logo is amazing,” said Candice Chinsethagid, Director of Operations at The bArt. “Our board, students, and staff were a part of the logo selection process and we are excited to be moving forward with a fresh look.”

So far, the new identity design has been applied to their website ( and Facebook page, but plans for brand implementation are in place to develop multiple marketing pieces, across a diversity of media.

Check back at the Matcha Design portfolio as more new design pieces will be added soon.

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