Matcha Design Honored with Two American Design Awards

Nov 11, 2010

American Design Awards

Matcha Design announced today that they have received two awards from the American Design Awards for the design of and The entries by Matcha Design were among 40 sites chosen from a pool of 720 entries.

“Receiving two American Design Awards in a single month really empowered us to continue to strive for excellence.” said Chris Lo, President and Creative Director of Matcha Design. “Designing the Tulsa Children’s Museum website was an exciting journey, and we’re excited to see that it not only has been proven to be an award-caliber website, but it’s also getting additional recognition. The museum is expanding greatly, the concerts are selling out, and more and more children are benefiting from it. This strengthens our relationship with them.”

“Matcha Design is one of the most innovative and thoughtful web design companies in the market today. From the initial planning stages, Chris and Lois sat down and worked with members of our organization to lay out goals and objectives, purpose and audience, as well as preference and design aesthetic. Matcha Design has helped to keep our website fresh and engaging throughout the years and always get our updates posted in a timely fashion. I would recommend this amazing team to anyone who is looking for a delightful and alluring way to capture an audience.” said Leah Saidy Storm, Broad of Director, Tulsa Children’s Museum.

“When it comes to designing a photography web site, it’s very important to understand that good usability is just as important as the presentation of the photographs itself. In creating the Chris Lo Photography web site, we take the ease-of-use of the navigation, flexibility of the presentation, optimization of image quality and loading time into account. As a result, we’re very pleased with this flash site and the minimalistic approach.” commented Chris Lo.

For more information on awards and publications that Matcha Design has the honor to be associated with, please visit our awards & achievements page.

About American Design Awards
The American Design Awards was established to recognize individual artists, design firms and companies who value the art of visual communication on an ongoing basis, through fair judging criteria by design professionals, with the goal to uphold ethical business and design standards. The American Design Awards looks at and grades hundreds of web design entries each month in their Monthly Design Contest. Grading is based on creativity, effectiveness, and practicality.

About Matcha Design

Matcha Design is a full-service creative B2B agency with decades of experience executing its client’s visions. The award-winning company specializes in web design, logo design, branding, marketing campaign, print, UX/UI, video production, commercial photography, advertising, and more. Matcha Design upholds the highest personal standards for excellence and can see things from a unique perspective due to its multicultural background.  The company consistently delivers custom, high-quality, innovative solutions to its clients using technical savvy and endless creativity. For more information, visit

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