Matcha Design Produces Stadium Animation for the MidFirst Bank Sponsored Backyard Bowl

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Press - Matcha Design Produces Stadium Animation for the MidFirst Bank Sponsored

For nearly two decades, the Backyard Bowl has been an annual tradition for glory and bragging rights between the top 2 high school teams – Jenks and Union. 

Matcha Design is creating a Full HD Animation for MidFirst Bank, the official sponsor of the Backyard Bowl, to play during commercial breaks in the Chapman Stadium of the University of Tulsa on Friday, September 9, 2011. “We have very little time to put this 45 seconds animation together. There’re no luxury of experimentation, exploration and margin of error. After discussing with our client of what message we need to communicate with the animation. I have storyboarded the sequence mentally and got into production right away. As always, we prepared the resources from it’s native formats first whether it’s a illustrator logo or a jpg image. Then we imported the files into Adobe AfterEffects to do some serious animation processing. Utilizing its 3D capability, we quickly mapped out the positioning, camera angles and lightings. Techniques like masking, calculation, easing were put into good use. Thanks to As Red Giant’s Trapcode special effects plugin, we were able to put the icing on the cake to wrap this animation up. ” said Chris Lo, President and Creative Director of Matcha Design. 

“Whenever we are doing animation for live events, we always take the audience attention span into account. If the animation is too slow, the audience will lose interest, but if it’s too fast, it can’t leave an impression. So we have to choose wisely on what to emphasis in the animation and when to give a “BAM” to call for an emotional connection.”

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