Matcha Design Receives Six DesignFirms Awards for 2015

Apr 14, 2015

Matcha Design recently collected six prestigious awards from DesignFirms in both their Web Design and Graphic Design categories. The DesignFirms™ awards showcase some of the best work on the web from designers and developers from around the world, elevating the creative vision and development behind the consulting group as some of the finest in the industry.

“It is always a great honor to be among the winners of such a well-respected award program,” said Chris Lo, President and Creative Director of Matcha Design. “Our team has worked hard to provide innovative and useful work for our clients. In the end, it isn’t just about winning awards, but delivering excellent products.”

Response Solutions, Inc. Web Design

Since its founding in 1988, RSI has earned and maintained its reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner of businesses with custom envelope needs. With usability being the key in mind, this web site provides wealth of information about the company’s products and services as well as an intuitive guide to provide recommendations on envelope solutions. On top of it, we built a technical/FAQ section to provide extensive education value to our audience.

Securus Firebags Web Design

Securus Firebags is an innovative new product introduced into the crowded market of fireproof products for important documents. Each Securus product is handmade and consists of five layers of fireproof material. Securus Firebags have been proven to withstand sustained 1200° temperatures for over 30 minutes. Their unique layered design reflects almost all radiant heat for the specific purpose of protecting the documents of homes and businesses.

The bART Center for Music Brochure Graphic Design

The brochure for the bART Center for Music combines custom photography and meticulously crafted layout to create an exceptional marketing piece.

Legal Docs Depository Graphic Design

The Legal Docs logo was designed to be modern, iconic, and easily recognizable. A thick concrete-gray box surrounds a file icon, suggesting solidity and security, but a sweeping red “flap” opens out the top of the box, indicating both freedom and a “breath of fresh air.” Taken together, these elements suggest that Legal Docs Depository is not merely a place to file papers away, but also gives customers new options to access their documents in unique ways.

2014 Freedom Celebration Logo Graphic Design

Freedom Celebration is a free outdoor music and worship experience in Jenks, Oklahoma. This year’s logo combines the basic motifs of music, wings, and red-and-white stripes on a joyfully off-kilter shaped field of blue.

ECO Dentworks Graphic Design

ECO Dentworks, a paintless auto body dent repair shop, wanted their logo to show them as a generally “green” business. The slightly quirky overlapping green letters and leaf motif help point out their “eco” friendliness, while the smooth rounded shapes give a sensation of flawlessness, just like an undented auto body. The solid, deep brown, sans-serif typeface for “Dentworks” underpins their dependability. The leaf in the logo fancifully seems to emerge from the “branch” of the company name.

Learn more about Matcha Design’s award-winning work at and find out how you can take your upcoming creative projects to the next level.

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Matcha Design is a full-service creative B2B agency with decades of experience executing its client’s visions. The award-winning company specializes in web design, logo design, branding, marketing campaign, print, UX/UI, video production, commercial photography, advertising, and more. Matcha Design upholds the highest personal standards for excellence and can see things from a unique perspective due to its multicultural background.  The company consistently delivers custom, high-quality, innovative solutions to its clients using technical savvy and endless creativity. For more information, visit

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