Matcha Design Returns As Winner of the 2023 TechBehemoths Awards

Apr 25, 2024

Matcha Design is the 2023 award-winning company in the United States for its Branding, Web Design, and WordPress Services

For the second year in a row, Matcha Design has taken a place among the top tech companies in the world in the annual TechBehemoths Awards.

The winners of the 2023 TechBehmoths Awards have now been announced. Among the 1,650 companies from 43 countries recognized for their technology excellence across 20 different IT services, Matcha Design stands out. Alongside 386 businesses in the US, Matcha Design received awards for excellence, hard work, and positive feedback from pleased clients, marking a unique achievement in this prestigious event.

“We are honored to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to providing exceptional design and technology services. Winning these awards for the second year in a row is a testament to our team’s commitment to exceeding the expectations of our phenomenal clients,” said Chris Lo, founder and president of Matcha Design.

This year, Matcha Design was honored with the following awards:

For the second year in a row, Matcha Design was honored with an award in branding, the service that is at the heart of all the other services we provide our clients. “To receive this kind of recognition twice in back-to-back years is an honor and an inspiration to us to keep pushing the limits of what it means to build brands that are every bit as unique and impactful as the clients behind them,” said Lois Lai, vice president of Matcha Design.

The TechBehemoths awards do not use advertising or include paid positions. They are not pay-to-win but merit-based. The primary element that determines which companies win awards is the votes they receive from their clients, employees, and business partners. Voting in the 2023 Tech Behemoth Awards began on November 7, 2023, and involved thousands of companies across 48 different countries. Voting ended on December 15, 2023. Only one vote per user was allowed, and users are verified using their email address. Security precautions are in place to track users via IP address and device type to ensure that the rule of one vote per person is enforced.

TechBehemoths is a user-friendly platform designed to help clients find the IT companies that provide the services they need. Companies that are listed on the platform and rank in high positions in their locations are eligible to become nominees. Only a select few of all companies on the platform are ever nominated. Ranking up and getting a nomination depends on a number of factors including:

  • Client Reviews
  • Business Portfolio
  • Business Profile Strength
  • User Activity on the Company Profile
  • Website Description
  • Community Feedback
  • Operational Power
  • Service demand on the market (globally and locally)
  • Company achievements
  • B2B communication ability

This list demonstrates the holistic approach TechBehemoths uses to vet nominees before permitting them to be voted on in the main competition.

Matcha Design is proud to possess a profile strength rating of Excellent based on client references, testimonials, and our business portfolio. Our ranking places our services in the top 40% out of all 43,000+ IT companies on TechBehemoths.

In 2022, Matcha Design entered the TechBehemoths award for the first time and was honored to win three awards in the following categories:

  • Best Advertising of 2022 (one of 20 US winners)
  • Best Branding of 2022 (one of 20 US winners)
  • Best Social Media Marketing (SMM) of 2022 (one of 16 US winners)

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Matcha Design is a full-service creative B2B agency with decades of experience executing its client’s visions. The award-winning company specializes in web design, logo design, branding, marketing campaign, print, UX/UI, video production, commercial photography, advertising, and more. Matcha Design upholds the highest personal standards for excellence and can see things from a unique perspective due to its multicultural background.  The company consistently delivers custom, high-quality, innovative solutions to its clients using technical savvy and endless creativity. For more information, visit

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