MegaPath Exhibition Booth Design: Balancing Beauty and Behavior

Wednesday, August 12, 2020



MegaPath delivers a full range of nationwide voice, data, security, and hosted IT services to help businesses compete in today’s technology-driven environment. Serving over 235 metro markets throughout the United States, MegaPath offers Internet connectivity via DSL, T1, Bonded T1, high-speed Ethernet, and cable with dedicated circuits providing a best-fit solution for business customers. Optimized for voice and security, the MegaPath network is a privately managed network that provides last mile connection, multi-layered security, and redundancy.

MegaPath partnered with Matcha Design to create new exhibition booths for use at trade shows, conferences and other large events. The booths needed to educate potential customers on MegaPath’s four core services, and pull them into the exhibit to connect with company representatives.


  • Design a 10×20 exhibition booth as the core booth design. 
  • Design a 10×10 exhibition booth using the same look and feel as the 10×20 booth design. 
  • Design a retractable booth banner that can pop-up on the spot, as needed. 
  • Focus on the four core services: Data, Voice, Security and Hosted IT. 
  • The booths need to be engaging from a distance and at a close-up view. 
  • Integrate MegaPath branding into the design.


“Matcha Design helped us create a new booth presence that clearly communicated our service offerings in an eye catching way. Chris Lo is great at turning concepts into compelling visuals.” 
– Michelle Davis, Marketing Director, PR and Marcom

Challenges and Solutions:

Understanding the tech needs…

Creating an exhibition booth design is no easy undertaking and requires a design team that understands the tech needs. We checked in with the multiple vendors involved with the project to make sure the specs were correct before starting. The sheer sizes of the MegaPath booths made the files extremely large (4GB size when the files were closed), so a regular home computer cannot generally handle it. It was important to think through the tech needs first and make a game plan; otherwise you may get deep into the project and realize you missed something, causing the work time to be extended. 

“The four panel exhibition design required us to create our design on separate files first before composing them into the overall piece; helping us to work smarter and more efficiently, “ said Chris Lo, President and Creative Director of Matcha Design.

Balancing the elements…

MegaPath provided us with key bullet points, but we had to make these points look interesting and prioritize what elements need to be highlighted. These elements included: logos, copy, images, headlines, URLs and even the colors. 

The whole design experience and messaging had be balanced and vibrant. People will be looking at it from 25 feet or more, so vibrance is a key factor to engaging passersby. If the piece is not attractive from afar, they will not come closer to interact with booth representatives.

Consider the angles…

Exhibits are meant for interaction so the design needed to accommodate diverse audience behaviors. You have to take in all the angles of the design, so if a person is walking left to right or vice versa, the design still pulls them in and is entertaining.  You cannot place the important elements too close to the edge of the design or too low. Consider the most visible areas and keep the design’s point of interest as the main focus; this way, users always have a great experience despite how they choose to interact with the booth.

“Ultimately, you have to determine the balance between all elements: visuals, messages and audience behavior to make a great exhibit design,” said Lo. “We feel the MegaPath booth designs balance on all of these levels, making a great communications tool for the company.”

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