Phone Photography vs. Professional Photography

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Phone Photography vs. Professional Photography

I rarely take my actual camera with me these days. Why would I carry around a bulky Canon camera when I could simply slip my phone into my pocket? However, using the camera on your phone has a time and a place. A camera phone is good for a quick snapshot of your friends, but a professional photograph is still the gold standard for business photography. Why? I am so glad you asked.

Firstly, phone cameras are still inferior to stand-alone cameras. Although phone cameras grow better and better every day, they still do not match up to the quality of a professional camera. This is no longer because phone cameras create pixelated photos, now, the main difference is control. With a phone camera, you cannot control lighting, contrast, and color with the same finesse you could with a professional camera.

If you compare photos taken with a phone camera and photos taken using professional equipment taken by a professional photographer, you will notice that the colors are much less vibrant in phone photographs and the edges are much less crisp.

Granted, pictures taken on a phone are not completely horrible, and I have seen some amazing images taken with a camera phone. They can turn out quite impressive when using the numerous photo editing apps available today; however, those photographs are still only as good as the photographer who took them. Just because someone >can take a great picture using a phone, doesn’t mean you should do all of the photography for your next brochure.

Second, a camera’s features and limitations are easy to compare (the lens, resolution, lighting, settings, etc.), but it is the artistry behind the photo that can make all the difference. Professional, experienced photographers know how to use their equipment to enhance the photo, how to capture the artistic mood of the photo subject, and they have studied the industry’s methods and trends. Plus, they understand the “tricks of the trade” that create great photos and keep the photoshoot moving smoothly and quickly for clientele. For example, at our last commercial photoshoot, Chris used a special tripod and camera extension tool that allowed him to take the picture without literally touching the camera. This technique avoids any blur that may result from him touching the equipment during the photo’s actual exposure time. It may sound simple, but it helps to take great photos in the first attempt and keeps the client’s shoot moving along quickly.

“Commercial photography is about creating the right moment with what you have, including the time of day, time constraints, and environmental limitations,” says Chris. “An amateur will have a hard time overcoming these challenges.”

In the end, your camera phone should not be your sole means for capturing images. Recognize when you need to bring in a professional photographer who can bring your photos to the next level on your next marketing piece.

Visit our Commercial Photography Services Page for more information or visit Chris Lo Photography website.

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