Photography is an Art Form, Not Your Aunt’s Pet Project

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photography is an Art Form, Not Your Aunt’s Pet Project

In today’s creative world it seems like every teenager, mom, scrap-booker or receptionist considers themselves a professional photographer. Now, before you take me the wrong way, I am not saying these people do not have an eye for photography.

They may actually be able to produce some good work when it comes to a basic photo. However, when it comes to selecting a photographer for your commercial or branding needs, photographers without solid artistic mastery or experience are not the best choice. You need to look to a higher level of professionalism and artistic skill.

At Matcha Design’s photography division, Chris Lo Photography, we believe photography is an art form, and with the power of holding the camera comes the responsibility of telling the visual story. Photography is only as good as the artist behind the lens, and their passion to develop a custom shot by taking every detail into consideration.

Custom photographers understand that lighting involves more than just the time of day. Lighting is about painting the subject so the right details will be emphasized, while considering shadows. They also realize how composition threads the whole piece together by balancing and harmonizing lighting, surroundings, colors, and more into the focal point of the shot.

In turn, choosing the right photographer also affects the marketing potential of your project. Custom photography can elevate your website or marketing materials above competitors, because not only does it effectively communicate the artistic story, but it it’s completely unique, unlike the typical stock images many individuals use.

Taking a photo is more than pushing a button on the camera. It involves details, knowledge and vision amateur photographers lack. So next time you have a marketing project that requires photo support find a professional, custom photographer who can create a work of art, no matter if it is an exterior of a business or an intimate interior of a home.

Visit Chris Lo Photography to learn more about Matcha Design’s photography division or explore our commercial photography services page.

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