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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020


matcha-design-case-study-tulsa-red-dirt-communications-website-design-ipad.jpgRed Dirt Communications (Red Dirt) offers mobile satellite uplink services, expert technical personnel and top of the line equipment rental to make on-site or remote production successful. Their commitment to broadcast excellence has a long history at events across the world, including the Olympics, Superbowl, 9/11, presidential election coverage, and more. Red Dirt’s first website design plan never got off the ground, but as their business grew they knew they needed to have a strong online presence that accurately represented their company and offered features that connected visitors with their services. 


“Matcha Design did an amazing job. The new design and professional look is more than we could have asked for.”  Dennis Stacklin, Co-founder of Red Dirt Communications


  • Website design needs to engage visitors and educate them on Red Dirt’s services.
  • Present Red Dirt’s current logo in a fresh way.
  • Edit and optimize Red Dirt’s content to align with the overall marketing strategy.
  • Make it easy for visitors to connect with the Red Dirt team through website.
  • Provide a website that can be easily updated as needed. 
  • Develop a website that is cross-platform compatible with mobile and tablet technology.

Challenges and Solutions:

In the beginning…

matcha-design-case-study-tulsa-red-dirt-communications-original-website-design.jpgRed Dirt’s 2005 attempt at the website design was outdated. Its flat design did not provide the vibrant, visual interest the broadcast industry embodies. The selection of only three base colors really limited the site’s look, and did not represent the custom work Red Dirt offered. 

The new website design is all about enriching the brand and pay attention to every details. 

When conducting the brand study, our Creative Director, Chris Lo immediately realized the needs to find a solution to give their current logo more “pop”. By working within the limitation, Chris enhanced it by taking every elements of the logo apart, then adding depth in the colors, fine patterns and appropriate level of shading. Then put the pieces back together and finishing it with a beautiful glow behind the logo that transitioned into the orbiting satellite header. 

All layout and imagery were carefully chosen, crafted and programmed. Special effects such as lens flares, gradients, patterns were added to enhance Red Dirt’s core services and products. To help elevate Red Dirt’s work, we added expert testimonials to the sidebar, a scrolling banner of their impressive client roster on the home page, and a great pop-up slide show of their past work.

Copy writing to the rescue…

The text content on a website is a very important marketing element. It is a balance between what you say and how you say it. At first, Red Dirt planned on providing the copy for their new site, but soon realized they did not have time, and enlisted help from Jenna Schario, our Marketing and Communications Manager. We reviewed and edited their available copy for marketability, so visitors understood why Red Dirt is unique in their industry. We helped them to identify and integrate keywords throughout the site, so to help boost the SEO friendliness of their site. Also, we got their news section off the ground by researching and writing their first two news announcements. As Red Dirt posts more announcements to their site, it will help them keep fresh content on their site, encourage SEO, and let’s visitors know Red Dirt is an expert in the industry.

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