5 Essential Tips to Secure Your Website

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

5 Essential Tips to Secure Your Website

In today’s scenario, technology alterations are very frequent, it befits more stimulating to retain information protected on the web. These tips will upsurge your chances to keep hackers and cyber-thieves at bay.

1. Create and preserve solid passwords.

Earlier there were 3 or 4 character passwords and it would preserve your information harmless. However as technology has progressed, so have the capabilities and ways to crash passwords. The recommendation now is to create your passwords as a minimum 8 characters with a mixture of capitals, lower case letters, numbers, and a special character such as, #, @ sign if it is allowed and do not create password a acquainted expression which might be tranquil for you to recollect the password like “I love my laptop” but password cracking tool will crack that in no time. A great idea is to take the 1st letter of a phrase you will remember and use those, like this:

“I love my laptop” would be “ILmLt@#$”.

Also, never use a password for 2 times. If hacker hacks into any of your personal accounts then they would be able to step into your bank accounts, your online buying accounts, and any other well-known website.

2. Use two-factor authorization.

You may or may not have heard of this option yet, but you probably have if you have a free email account like the lots of other free-email consumers in the world. Two-factor authorization simply means if someone tries to hack into someone’s account it is swiftly predictable by the IP address being dissimilar than normal login IP address. You are straightaway sent a text message to aware and check if it is you. You must supply your mobile texting number for this to slog of course. It may not ever occur, but if it did, you would know immediately to go change that password to protect account.

3. Use secure networks when logging into banking or other online ecommerce websites always.

Take a look at address bar before check into your private banking website on which you have personal information/ transaction. If the address is starting with HTTPS then you should know that this is secured (by the added “s”). If it isn’t, then you either have the wrong login page or it is possibly a spoof (fake) URL of website. The key is to never, ever click on a link in an email that seems suspicious. Better yet, never click on a link that comes from any decisive website such as your bank. Just click to the website URL you have trust on and save it in browser’s bookmarks to login, or visit them. They will comprehend your attention.

4. Consider having multiple email address to use or logon for purchases and online banking activities.

The email you use for your private banking might be safer if you use a different type of email for things like Facebook, Amazon, PayPal and even EBay. If hackers were to hack into one then they would not inevitably have admittance to the others.

5. Be careful when posting email address online.

This type of activity is known as a request for spam if found nothing else, but it also opens up a message of “Hey, hack me. I get my email here.” Be thoughtful about posting email address on review sites, blogs or forums and message boards where spammers can easily pick up your address.

Keeping these very important tips in mind at all times will help “up” your security level on the web.

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