7 Killer Tips For Brochure Design That Works and more – Part 1

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

7 Killer Tips For Brochure Design That Works and more - Part 1

Designing a great brochure is far more than just inserting beautiful pictures, let’s get right to it:

1. Know your purpose before you start

When you’re thinking about how to design a brochure, start by asking clients why they think that they need a brochure. Then, they need to define their objectives. Sometimes they just want one because their last brochure didn’t work. If they’ve come up with a brief for you, take a step back from that and look at exactly what it is they’re trying to achieve.

2. Get to the point subtly

This requires planning to set the tone right. Think over a storyline. Start with defining the purpose of releasing the brochures and how it will help the customer understand the product better. Use examples from the lab development, and the demonstration. Enliven your storyline with bold and catchy one-liner.

3. Create Quality Content for your Brochure

The content of a brochure should be funny, remarkable and interesting. This will make people actually want to show it to others as well. Remember that without a good USP, a product does not sell. The content should not be about what you have but rather what will benefit consumers and which problems will be solved by buying your products/services. You must understand that consumers are not really interested to know about the history of a product. They just want to know how will it benefit them. So, keep it short but effective.

The cover should be made as powerful as possible. The cover should have a single image of excellent quality. If you do some research, you will find that having several small photographs is less effective than having a single large image. This is because when there are multiple photographs, people get confused about which picture to focus on first, even if it is for a short period of time. Since you do not have much time to impress your target customers, you should not take a chance but go for the tried and tested.

4. Use High Resolution Images

To make a product brochure pleasurable to flick through, you need good photos. If you’re using stock imagery budgets don’t always stretch to a photoshoot try to find pictures that don’t look like they’re stock images. Never cut corners. Most of the designers forget to use high-resolution images on their brochure. High-resolution images have become an essential part of designing a brochure. This is because people nowadays have tablets, smart phones, etc.

5. Avoid using Templates

Stay away from using templates. Your goal should be to stand apart from the rest and using a common template will not really do the job for you. Display some originality by not using the same old templates but creating something new and striking. However, you should also keep the relevance factor in mind.

6. Limit Usage of Fonts

Usage of appropriate fonts while creating a great and awesome brochure is also an important thing to consider. Although, some designers might think that using different fonts in a single brochure can be engaging because they can give a unique and fun look. But this thing is not advisable. The reason behind using one or two fonts in a brochure is because usage of different fonts can somehow make your brochure unprofessional-looking, disorganized and kind of childish.

In order to make a great and killer brochure, you should use not more than two fonts. You can replace the usage of different fonts by using highlighting techniques. The use of bold, italics and larger size of fonts can work better than using different fonts.

7. Proofread

The last thing you should remember while designing a brochure is to proofread it. If your brochure contains some poor grammar and spelling mistakes, then it would give a really bad impression about your company. People would think that your company doesn’t give importance to the small details. So, it is really important to proofread your brochure. These are some helpful tips to design a really good and impressive brochure. I hope that these tips will make your designing work a little easier and you will come up with something really interesting.

Next week, we’ll dive deeper into the fun part of design considerations.

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