A Guide to Grassroots Marketing

Monday, June 30th, 2014

A Guide to Grassroots Marketing

What is grassroots marketing? It’s a common question amongst those who are new to marketing and seeking to launch their first campaign.

Grassroots marketing is a unique variety of marketing that utilizes an engaging, interactive, community-based approach. These marketing campaigns are typically multi-faceted, using a range of different avenues for advertising, engaging and generating positive publicity. A grassroots marketing campaign can be tailored to virtually any budget and any business type or organization. It’s a very cost-effective marketing campaign solution too.

Event-Based Grassroots Marketing Approaches

Grassroots marketing involves getting out in the community and often, interacting with consumers, customers or prospective clients.

Local event participation or sponsorship is one of the most common grassroots marketing techniques. The business or group may opt to get a booth at a fair, festival, convention, farmer’s market or another gathering. It’s even possible to set up a booth on the sidewalk in a busy downtown area, where you can hand out literature, distribute free samples, sell products, or just connect with the people who walk past.

Another popular tactic for grassroots marketing efforts at an event or gathering entails hosting a raffle or a big giveaway. This generates buzz; it gets people talking and it’s another opportunity to connect and engage with people — potential clients, customers or supporters — within the community.

These methods serve as a very cost-effective marketing campaign option.

Partnerships and Sponsorships as a Grassroots Marketing Approach

Sponsorships and partnerships provide lots of additional grassroots marketing opportunities. The best sponsorship and partnership-related marketing campaigns arise from sponsoring an event or happening that somehow relates to your business, thereby allowing you to connect with your target audience.

For instance, a local sporting goods business or batting cages business may opt to sponsor the local little league team, as it’s logical that the players and parents may be interested in batting cages or sporting goods. But the possibilities extend beyond the obvious. For instance, a little league team means lots of parents with young kids, so it’s also a great grassroots marketing opportunity for a family dentistry practice or a local supermarket.

In the same way, a gym may opt to sponsor the local 5K run. A real estate agency, roofing company, and landscaping company can benefit from sponsoring the annual parade of homes event. A pet grooming company or veterinary clinic may decide to sign up as a partner/sponsor of the local humane society’s pet adoption event. This serves as a cost-effective marketing opportunity, which also enables you to connect with the community, while promoting better brand recognition and establishing your business or organization as an active member of the community.

Online Grassroots Marketing Campaigns

In today’s high-tech world, grassroots marketing campaigns have extended beyond ‘real life’ interactions to include web-based components as well.

Social media marketing is the primary avenue for web-based grassroots marketing campaigns. Social media marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and other sites, such as Instagram, provide companies and organizations with an opportunity to go beyond mere promotion. This is akin to a television channel that only airs adverts. The most effective forms of social media marketing involves really connecting and interacting with the people in your target audience. Think of it like this: viewers don’t mind an occasional TV advert when they’re really engrossed in a show! The same goes for social media.

The team at Tulsa-based Matcha Design is one company that specializes in cost-effective marketing campaigns, specifically grassroots social media marketing. Getting 10,000 followers on Twitter or 1,000 likes from Facebook fans won’t serve to improve your bottom line; you need to interact and engage these individuals. It’s the interaction that’s required to seal the deal.

Of course, not every company has the time to launch and manage an effective social media marketing campaign, but that’s exactly where Matcha Design can assist! Whether you’re in Tulsa or beyond, our team can supercharge a cost-effective marketing campaign using a grassroots approach.

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