Achieving World Class Customer Care Part 2

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Achieving World Class Customer Care Part 2

Effectively communicating and interacting with your clients is essential in any type of customer care situation. When interacting with your clients always remember to shake hands, make eye contact, and use age-appropriate greetings.

Maintaining eye contact is extremely important. It shows that you are listening and are engaged in what the other person has to say. At Matcha, we put special care and effort into speaking to our customers about our brand and services. We always make sure to respond to telephone calls, email messages, and voicemail in a timely and efficient manner. This level of customer service has led to our award-winning success and recognition.

In any business there will be times when a customer is unhappy or irate. In these unique situations, following a couple of key guidelines can help you to navigate through the customer’s issue and help put the customer back in a happy and satisfied state of mind. Always put more effort into your listening. It’s extremely important in these situations you not only hold eye contact, but use effective body language that shows the customer you understand, are concerned, and most of all that you are eager to help and ratify the situation. Your mission at this point is to diffuse and alleviate the problem. Don’t take anything personally. Remember, the customer is angry at the business, not you. Always make sure to act within the chain of command and understand who can authorize any changes in your company’s policy.

I would like to share a story from Bill, a manager of a major electronics retailer in New York City who had tremendous success from following the simple techniques we described above when working with an unhappy customer:

One day, an angry gentleman walked into his store who had previously purchased a radio that appeared to be broken. The man was extremely angry and demanded that he speak with a manager at once.

When Bill introduced himself as the manager he kept a cool, calm attitude, apologized for the inconvenience and listened to the man attentively.

The man immediately demanded a refund, but Bill gave him a choice. Bill asked “would you like to have a refund or would you rather have a properly working radio?” Bill also asked the man if he purchased the radio for a specific reason and if it would be better if it performed to his expectations.

The man relentlessly agreed. Bill asked what was wrong with the radio. “It won’t even turn on”, the man replied. Bill removed the cover from the battery compartment and discovered the batteries had been installed incorrectly. After fixing the battery issue, Bill presented the now working radio to the customer, apologized again, and gave him extra batteries on the house.

The man was so happy, he purchased two more radios and enough batteries to last a lifetime. He thanked Bill and told him he would tell all of his friends about the wonderful customer service he received.

A couple of months later the same man returned and this time brought a younger man with him. The man introduced his son to Bill and said “This man will take good care of you”. The young man went on to purchase a $10,000 home theater system from Bill.

The moral of the story is that we should not look down on situations involving unhappy customers. Instead we should look at them as golden opportunities. In part one of this series, I said to make sure to follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Bill found out first hand how rewarding this can truly be. In closing, always remember that attitude is everything. Be alert, know your product, be confident, show respect, and listen to your customers. If you can follow these guidelines, your business will go far.

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