Build a Stronger Customer Relationship with Social Media Marketing

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Build a Stronger Customer Relationship with Social Media Marketing

In the quest to maintain strong customer relationships, many businesses have taken their social media strategy a notch higher. Social Media is a great platform for building these relationships and getting loyal customers to remain connected to the business.

Customer feedback, complaint resolutions, updates on new developments and delivery of orders is all done more effectively through strategic Social Media Marketing. It is therefore no longer just a tool for socialization but an effective business tool that requires strategic steps to realize its full potential. The following tips are great for any business that seeks to build stronger customer relationships with Social Media Marketing.

Diversify Social Media Channels

Using the giant Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is no longer enough for maximum productivity of Social Media Marketing. Channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr are powerful supplements for a commanding Social Media presence.

Utilize Social Productivity Tools

Social Productivity Tools enable an organization to identify customer issues from the feedback received in the Social Media Marketing. Some of these tools have features that allow image recognition thus aiding your company in identifying the all the relevant images for your products. In short, social tools assist an organization in managing and pushing content to the right audience.

Automate Social Media Responsiveness

For purposes of quick response to customers’ complaints or orders, it is prudent for an organization to automate social media responsiveness. Automatic alerts work best in such scenarios, but the resolution must remain personalized to maintain customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Integration

Implementing real-time integration of social media content with your organization’s ICT systems creates a consolidated enterprise portal. Integration of social media content with systems such as ERPs provides the connectivity needed. Managing these integrations makes it easier to add or change different social media channels as merited.

With the number of customers using Social Media to communicate rising every day, it’s imperative for businesses to keep up with these trends to build a stronger customer relationship. It is only through these lasting relationships that organizations can build a reputation and personalize their brands. Using Social Media Marketing to strengthen your customers’ relationships is not just important but easily effective. Think of it as simply reaching out to every individual customer at their rendezvous.

Nothing is more uplifting than a customer’s issues being addressed on such personalized levels.

Simply build a Social Media Marketing Strategy based on these basic tips and witness an immediate positive change in your customers’ relationship and feedback.

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