Can Web Designers, Artists, and Writers Embrace Artificial Intelligence?

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Can Web Designers, Artists, and Writers Embrace Artificial Intelligence?

A surprisingly broad field, Artificial Intelligence isn’t just isolated to the computing sector; also encompassing the disciplines of philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology. Rather than simply understanding intelligence, the study of AI seeks to build & create it.

AI use cases and applications are varied — while many of us conjure visions of humanoid robots, the reality of AI in our day-to-day lives inhabits the realm of design, art, photography, and other creative fields.

Web Design

Surfing the web is something we’re all used to, and a lot of background effort is made to keep that experience a good one — it’s a multi-million-dollar industry employing web designers and engineers to code and maintain the websites and infrastructure of commercial, business, and personal pages.

Growing demand has led to the emergence of tools like graphic design software make stunning site creation easier. A similar demand from growing users has attracted attention to Artificial Intelligence.

Through complex algorithms and automated technology, AI tech can help amateur web developers, or individuals themselves craft a reasonably attractive and user-friendly website. Services like these can analyze your business or service, and provide optimal layout or aesthetic options to grow your customer demographic; saving you from complexity and letting you focus on creating the perfect content for your audience. Many advance web designers will use those data as a base to build their custom crafted high-end websites.


Online marketers have discovered that people aren’t motivated greatly by popular general-appeal content; instead most are drawn to narrow niche content that is aligned with their specific personal interests.

Through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, a niche group of users can be identified and studied. A background of interests can be created, giving writers and content creators tools to craft this specific niche-themed content for virtually any audience. By embracing AI, content creators and marketers alike can work more powerfully, and deliver an unprecedented number of opportunities to drive results by telling engaging stories at scale.

In addition to making the job of creators easier, it builds a need for more specified and trained writers; professionals who are aware of user experience, and knowledgeable in a multitude of niche interests. With polished skill and marketing awareness AI helps those who create and proliferate content en masse.

Popular video on-demand streaming services like Netflix use Artificial Intelligence to connect massive datasets with users to provide a personalized experience through suggestions. Google experiments with machine learning to offer more relevant results to individual user queries. Twitter applies similar technology to expand data on images.


Art has always existed in a complex & evolving relationship with technological capabilities of culture. Inventions like applied pigments, the printing press, photography, and computers have profoundly affected art and artists. There is a similar relationship between contemporary artists and the birth of Artificial Intelligence; only the future knows how our culture of art will be shaped.

For commissioned artists, photographers, and graphic designers, the world of AI can boast similar benefits to the realm of content creation and marketing. With the need for highly skilled and experienced artists, AI can help connect those professionals with clients that seek their specific talents and skills.

Not simply a process of automation, machine-learning & AI technology can help highlight the insights and creativity of a human being. Rather than diluting or reducing that creative-touch, AI can help bring original thinking and creativity directly to those who desire it; letting artists create the work only they could make.

This original thought, design, and art are what push society to evolve… the more freely we can spend energy on creative endeavors, the more efficiently this growth can occur. Machines are here to help us make this art, and it should be embraced.

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