Holiday Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Holiday Marketing Strategy

The holidays, just around the corner, are a very-important time in the retail industry. As customers are shopping for the perfect gift for their loved ones, many businesses amp up their marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. There are many different strategies and ways to approach the holidays.

But here’s the catch: You have to make sure that you have the right marketing plan in place to make the most of this wonderful season. The good news is that with a few key strategies your marketing can be more effective than ever before.

Here are some strategies that have been successful in the past.

Create a Festive Atmosphere

Your customers should see that your store has the holiday spirit. Play holiday music and decorate your store to match the look and feel of the holiday of the moment. Window clings are a helpful product during this time to display holiday images because they have no adhesive. This means that when the holiday is over, you can peel off the clings and store them for next year. By showing that you have holiday cheer, you’re inviting your customers to spend time (and money) in your store.

Wish Lists

Everyone would like holiday shopping to be a little easier. Creating a wish list is the perfect way to simplify the process. With a wish list, the recipient can preselect exactly what they want, that way the purchaser doesn’t have to spend a lot of time deciding what to get (or making a return if he/she gets the wrong thing!). Post vinyl decals at your checkout counters letting customers know that you offer a wish list service.

Gift With Purchase

It’s important to have specials and promotions during the holidays that encourage customers to buy. Offering a gift with purchase is a great idea because customers see that they’re getting more for the money. Whether the purchaser decides to keep the gift for themselves or they give it as part of the original gift, he/she is more-inclined to make the purchase in the first place because they will receive something extra. Promote your gift with purchase using large vinyl banners hanging above your storefront and inside your store.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to secure holiday sales because they have to be spent in-store. Encourage unsure gift-givers to purchase a gift card, that way the recipient can get exactly what they want. When the recipient redeems his/her gift card, you have a chance to up-sell them on even more merchandise. Make sure your gift cards are very noticeable during the holidays-post them right next to your cash registers.

Postcard Mailers

If you’re looking for ways to get customers in your store during the holidays, a postcard mailer is a great choice. Postcards are very affordable and can be used to feature your holiday sale. Make sure to include a deadline for savings so that customers are encouraged to come in right away!

Give Your Subscribers Some VIP Treatment

Do you know the one thing all shoppers have in common, no matter how small or big their budget? They love to think they’re getting a great bargain! You can tap into that “YAY-what-a bargain” feeling by offering the contacts on your mailing list a special sort of holiday VIP deal. There is a kind of an endorphin-releasing chemical reaction in a shopper when they read the words “exclusive offer to subscribers”. You can create any type of VIP deal from a bonus product, a free Ebook, a free podcast or a coupon towards their next purchase. The important thing is that you need to offer your contacts something exclusive that makes them feel special. Even the smallest bonus can go a long way towards making the people on your contact list feeling highly appreciated and rewarded.

Before the holiday madness officially begins, take some time today to check your marketing plans to make sure your holiday marketing ideas shine as bright as Rudolph’s nose. Thinking about your holiday marketing strategy and using the above tips and developing a simple plan can make this your most successful business holiday season yet.

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