Home Office Set Up Myth

Monday, February 20th, 2023

Home Office Set Up Myth

You don’t have to look hard to find YouTube tutorials on how to set up a beautiful home office. Many people feel that it’s absolutely necessary to make a home office as attractive as possible by buying high-end desks, chairs, keyboards, etc. In fact, some think it’ll add to their productivity.

In this article, we’ll tackle a common office setup myth. We’ll go over what it is and some of the things you can do to truly increase your productivity. We’ll also discuss other practical aspects of how to be productive in your home office.

Let’s get started!

Does An Attractive Workspace Mean More Productivity?

Although most people are inclined to think that a beautiful home office would lend itself to better productivity, this assumption may not be entirely true.

The closest correlation we could find wasn’t between the attractiveness of a home office and productivity but between health and the view from the window. According to one study, the more scenic and nature-oriented a person’s view is, the better health they will have.

If you’ve got a great view from your home office, you’re already one step toward better health! While we can’t overlook the connection between health and productivity, it would be a stretch to say a nice interior workspace is the same as an attractive view from the window.

The Truth: Creatives Can Be Messy

Matcha Design CEO Chris Lo believes it’s a myth that beautifying an office space will automatically result in better productivity. He says, “I’ve seen brilliant designers’ offices are quite cluttered in magazines. Perhaps it’s organized chaos.”

(If we’ve piqued your curiosity, check out some of the “imperfect” workspaces in this article. Then check out this study from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management that shows the messier your desk is, the more creative you may be.)

The defining factor of productivity is not the beauty of your office, but its usefulness. If your desk is piled so high with papers that you can’t find anything, you won’t be productive. That said, the design elements themselves can take away from your productivity.

“Having an efficient workstation or office helps with focus. Decorations are nice, but if they become a distraction rather than an inspiration, that’s counterproductive,” Chris continues.

Match Your Workspace to Your Work

As awesome as it is to have a perfectly clean workspace, tastefully retrofitted with the perfect accents, you probably don’t need all of that. “Unless you’re making computer chips or sensitive elements/electronics, a dust-free office won’t help you become a better designer,” Chris says, “Not that I have anything against cleanliness or tidiness!”

Clearly, a dusty workspace will only create problems for a person who’s building electronics. Even after the electronics are built, dust can be problematic, leading to blockages, performance issues, and more. While a clean workspace is required if you’re building hardware or some other electrical component, most people don’t need to go that far in cleaning their workspace.

What Can You Do To Boost Productivity?

Research does suggest that indoor plants can boost productivity, so they would be a worthwhile (and relatively low-cost) inclusion to your home office if you’re looking for decorating tips. Be sure to allow plenty of natural light in and stop to enjoy the view every so often. A smaller office could potentially help too.

That’s all we’ve got as far as design tips – so what is Chris’ number one tip to boost productivity if it’s not to set up a flawless home office?

“The bottom line is self-discipline. When I was young, I trained myself to be a disciplined designer no matter where I was – even in a noisy restaurant, with a group of people watching behind me. Then I’d invest my money in getting the best tool I could afford to do my job. I didn’t need a thousand-dollar desk or state-of-the-art electronics. Those things are great, but they should be what you use to reward yourself after your big wins.”

Become More Productive with Matcha Design

If you’re looking for ways to boost your productivity, Matcha Design is here to help! Many business owners fall into the trap of trying to do it all, but a wise leader knows when to delegate. Whether you need website design and development, professional video production, brand development, or one of the many other services we provide, we’re here to help!

Lighten your load and enjoy doing the parts of your job that you love best. We will take care of the rest. Contact us for more information, or check out our blog for other entrepreneur tips!

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