How to Grow Your Brand Online in the 2020s

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

How to Grow Your Brand Online in the 2020s

The new era is here. While tried and true business practices still work well (you’re the expert on what you do), you may need to rethink how you approach branding your organization for the coming decade. How you treat your customers, how you provide them value, and how they view your reputation will never change. What’s going to be different is how you start, grow, and continue that engagement.

Right now, the most potent group of millennials are in their 30s and 40s. They’re the ones who are making significant investments, purchases, and building the mid to high tier of the workforce. They remember the pre-internet world, but they’re comfortable jumping into social media. They value convenience, saving time, and the feeling of making a good investment. This might speak to your business operator instinct when providing a product and service that’s more than your competition. However, your new target audience might prefer a quick email or text over a phone call.

“Millenials and Gen Z are socially savvy. They don’t like being ‘sold’ to. Instead, they value a unique original story that’s honest and heartfelt.”

Like the millennials, gen z is socially savvy. They don’t understand a world where complete information wasn’t at their fingertips. That means they will do their research. More importantly, they can sniff out any sleazy sales tactics. They don’t like being “sold” to, and they value a unique origin story that’s honest and heartfelt.

Google and other search engines support this new paradigm by enforcing their E.A.T. policy which boosts authentic and honest content and squashes shallow and meaningless fluff. If you want to maintain your brand relevancy or work with a Digital Marketing Consultant, you need an authentic and trustworthy online presence.

Hiring an outside professional marketing team can benefit almost any sized organization. Their unbiased and external perspective has a lot to offer. “a digital marketing consultant can have a fresh take on your company, spot the real challenges, and add new perspectives”. To learn more about how top marketers and brand experts feel about thriving in the 2020s, read what they have to say here on DesignRush.

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