How to Make Super Bowl Worthy Commercials on A Startup Budget

Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Make Super Bowl Worthy Commercials on A Startup Budget

The Super Bowl 50 is almost upon us and the buzz is growing. Sports and advertising fans alike are awaiting the matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, as well as all, the iconic commercials that come along with the prestigious game.

Although the Super Bowl is still some days away, loads of viewers are already talking about the upcoming commercials that no doubt will wow them. Each year, the Super Bowl commercials offer agencies and marketers the opportunity to study and learn from other advertisers and professionals.

Many advertisers are churning out ads, using the Super Bowl platform to maximize brand awareness. Paying about $5 million for a 30-second spot (an 11% increase from the previous year), the broadcast still gathers the largest audience for a single game program.

Last year’s game was seen by a record 114.4 million viewers, thereby making every cent spent worthwhile to a number of marketers. But what can marketers do if they don’t have the big bucks to show up in the Super Bowl? What lessons can they take away?

Lesson #1: Key ingredients to video marketing

Some commercials we see on the Super Bowl are top-notch, while others are not so clever. Either way, you remember them! That is the end result you want when creating a commercial. People are inundated with ads every minute of every day. How do you break through without paying millions of dollars for exposure? Take a page from the Super Bowl book and make your ad memorable (with positive vibes, of course)!

Be Unexpected

One of the most important things about Super Bowl commercials that make them so much fun, is the mystery. With many of the commercials, you have no idea where they’re going or what they are promoting until the very end. The ads keep you hanging on to the very end!

Be Engaging

When planning your next video ad, explore what will really capture the hearts and minds of your audience. You want them to relate with the feelings in the video and back it up with solutions that will inspire them to take action on your product or service!

Lesson # 2: Nurture your brand

Super Bowl is the heartbeat of the NFL’s identity; so much so that they have trademarked it. Using the words ‘Super Bowl’ in your commercials warrants a particular fee, which you must pay for. The NFL works hard to nurture their brand and so should you!

Developing your brand is the initial step when it comes to creating positive personal impact. All successful people, businesses and organizations create and nurture their unique brand. A good brand will appeal to a lot of people, but it will also turn off a particular part of the population. It is a fine balance, but being distinctive takes work! Strong brands ensure that everything about them speaks about their brand. Your brand is essential and, like the NFL, you should do everything within your capacity to build it.

Lesson #3: Know thy audience before you pay to reach them

Was the fee for the super bowl commercials worth it? For some companies the answer will be a resounding, “YES!”, but not all possess the hefty advertising budget to engage in the vast exposure the Super Bowl provides. In any case, you have to show up where your audience is. With fewer marketing dollars at your disposal, you need to be very in-tune with your target audience – what they care about, where they consume media or participate in community, and their lifestyle choices that may unlock their buying power! Super Bowl budget or not, you need to keep your audience in mind for every marketing campaign you create. If you need help identifying your audience and keeping your advertising on track, consult with experts to help you stay focused.

What was your favorite (or not so favorite) commercial from Super Bowls past? Do you think Super Bowl commercials are a waste of money or genius advertising at its best?

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