How to Use Your Resources to Grow Your Brand to Its Full Potential

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

How to Use Your Resources to Grow Your Brand to Its Full Potential

At Matcha Design, we specialize in providing a full range of different services to clients. But on occasion, we encounter a client who doesn’t use their resources in a manner that allows them to grow their business in a way that leverages all available resources.

We can provide companies with a whole host of tools, from a shiny new user-friendly, SEO-optimized website, to a snazzy, super-memorable logo, and we can even launch a marketing campaign on social media. But sometimes, the company fails to continue these efforts, or they fail to use these tools to their full potential.

So how can you maximize growth and use your resources to help grow your brand and your business to its full potential? Consider some of the following tips and recommendations.

Use Your New Graphics

If you hire a company to create a new logo and graphics, put them to use across the board. This allows for brand consistency and it allows you to leverage your new graphics to their full potential.

Some companies fail to upload their new logo onto social media, their email signature and they fail to update their business cards and letterhead. Take the time and effort to update and put your logo and graphics to full use.

Also, use your logo and graphics in a manner that’s complementary. Avoid placing the logo on a busy background; instead, pick a simple/solid background that offers an adequate tonal contrast to make the logo pops. It’s also best to avoid distorting the graphic, as often occurs in newsletters, Powerpoint and other similar programs.

Post Regularly on Your Company Website’s Blog

Many clients enjoy a major boost in terms of traffic due to improved search engine performance stemming from the creation of a new website with new, fresh content.

But a portion of this benefit arises from the posting of new content, so when clients fail to post anything on their website for weeks or months on end, the site becomes stagnant and the rankings (and traffic levels) dip as a result.

This can be easily counteracted by routinely posting to your website’s blog section. This will help keep the site dynamic and fresh, which boosts your performance in search engines such as Google.

So make an effort to post at least once or twice per week. You don’t need to publish a novel. A couple-hundred-word post will do the trick. The key is to keep the site fresh and dynamic.

Don’t Ignore Your Social Media Account

So you’ve invested in social media graphics, a social media campaign strategy and a few months of social media campaign management. You’ve enjoyed lots of new business and other perks from these efforts, so you decide to scale back. Or worse, you start talking to/at your followers instead of interacting with them.

Before you know it, the company’s social media accounts have grown cold, you’ve lost tons of followers and you’re no longer seeing a major benefit from your investment.

Social media accounts require regular attention in order to maintain a good momentum. Don’t let your efforts and investments go to waste. Continue with your social media campaign, even if you opt to scale back a bit. Otherwise, you could lose momentum and the major benefits that you enjoyed from your investment. You’ve spent good money on your website, social media campaigns and graphics; protect that investment and leverage it fully.

If you don’t have time to tend to your social media accounts, blog and need help updating your graphics, turn to the pros here at Matcha Design. We’re here to help you make the most of your resources.

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