Matcha Design Takes Gold at 20th Annual SIAA

Feb 3, 2023

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Advertisers in the service industry covet Service Industry Advertising (SIA) Awards. In 2023, Matcha Design took home ten SIAA awards.

Though the SIAA received around 1,200 entries this year, only 258 were selected with the prestigious honor of winning. Matcha Design was one of those talented winners featured this year, taking home ten awards. Each entry was reviewed for its creativity, quality, execution, appeal to consumers, and breakthrough advertising content.

“We are proud to have received nearly 10% of the awards which were given out by SIAA this year,” Matcha Design founder Chris Lo beamed. “We work hard to make sure that we give our clients something they can be proud of.”

SIAA is the only award that specifically recognizes advertising achievements within the service industry. Since most other advertising awards encompass consumer goods and tangible products, SIAA offers a unique opportunity for those in the service industry to stand out and get the recognition they deserve. This year, SIA Awards were given in 48 categories within 8 groups.

Matcha was pleased to earn five gold, one silver, two bronze, and two merit awards:

  • Gold Award –  Website | Anthem Business Solutions Heartland Promo 
    • This custom landing page promotes the partnership between Anthem and Heartland
    • Strategically-planned UX, with the UI thoughtfully crafted around the content copy (which Matcha collaborated on with Anthem)
    • The CTA features multiple entry points
  • Gold Award – Website | Payn Kyller Records Website
    • Like the logo, their website is as simple as it is functional and showcases their unique ability to bring untold stories to life through song
  • Gold Award – Logo/Letterhead Design | Payn Kyller Records
    • The creative logo for this outside-the-box record company features skulls with headphones facing one another to symbolize how music brings people together
  • Gold Award – Logo/Letterhead Design | Trust Based Parenting Logo
    • The Trust-Based Parenting ministry is an extension of SHBC Tulsa
    • Because of this, Matcha Design incorporated a branch to continue the theme, along with the image of a family that exudes safety and healing
    • The color of the logo was strategic – thought out with aesthetic and science/psychology in mind
    • The family shown is faceless to indicate an unbiased approach (embracing every family type there is)
  • Gold Award – Logo/Letterhead Design | SF Legal Group Logo
    • This simple design combines approachability with authority, making it the perfect combination for a law group.
  • Silver Award – Logo/Letterhead Design | Thea Lissi Logo
    • An artist’s logo requires a personal touch, and that’s what Thea Lissi’s one-of-a-kind signature-style logo offers
    • The elegant yet personable design is as approachable as it is ambitious and was hand-crafted by the Matcha Design team to be clear, simple, and versatile
  • Bronze Award – Website | Pro Office Furniture Website
    • This website features a warehouse tour video, an eCommerce store, and a peek into Pro Office Furniture’s brand story
  • Bronze Award – Website | Thea Lissi Website
    • This American singer-songwriter website immerses you in the aesthetic and sound of Thea’s latest discography
    • Versatility was a must, as the look of the site is ever-changing
  • Merit Award – Logo/Letterhead Design | Consolidated Communications LEVEL UP Logo
    • This logo was created for the 2022 Sales Kick-Off conference
    • Logo has a gaming and action feel to it
    • The entire brand theme is visible within the logo
  • Merit Award – Website | Southern Hills Baptist Church Website
    • The website for this historic church required brand strategy, a new logo, photography, videography, and regular updates and maintenance using fresh content
    • Southern Hills Baptist Church is based in Tulsa and has a rich history, which is shown in this easy-to-navigate website through professional photos and content about how it was started in 1915

Matcha Design has an established history of winning SIAA awards since 2010 – they’ve consistently won every year since they first entered, and prior to this year’s announcement, had won 191 awards. With this year’s wins, they’ve won a total of over 200 awards to date for installations, imprinted materials, and more. They received the most prestigious SIAA Best of Show honors in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2019, and 2020.

Matcha Design’s total wins since 2010 are:

  • Best of Show – 5 wins
  • Gold – 86 wins
  • Silver – 40 wins
  • Bronze – 29 wins
  • Merit – 41 wins

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