Trust Based Parenting

Logo Design for a Parenting Ministry at a Baptist Church in Tulsa

“Matcha Design exceeded expectations for this pro-bono project. They were patient with us, getting to know our needs and preferences before delivering a logo that pairs seamlessly with the existing logo at our church.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Logo Design for a Local Church Ministry

Matcha Design Rises to the Challenge of Creating a Trust Based Parenting Logo Design

While working on video promotions with the Trust-Based Parenting ministry at Southern Hills Baptist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we discovered that they needed help with creating a logo. Our creative team went to work immediately, consulting with the client to ensure that the compassionate care of the ministry was evident in the design.

Several rounds of communication were needed to ensure that the vision came across well to the client. The client used a free tool to show the type of design they felt would be suitable, and we turned it into an exceptional, clean, and easy-to-scale logo design. The Trust-Based Parenting ministry was pleased with the new, cohesive logo and the instant recognition it provided them.

“Not only did Matcha provide us with a wonderful video to promote our ministry, but a logo that accurately reflects the objectives of our ministry. We are attracting more families to our ministry and enabling them to grow together. The team at Matcha Design is truly fantastic, delivering a product that was a natural extension of our church’s logo.”

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Our team needed to create a logo that would stand out with a memorable design, which required several hours of communication with the client and research to become acquainted with the parent brand at Southern Hills Baptist as well as the ministry itself. Our creative team diligently worked with all of the leadership at the Trust-Based Parenting ministry to execute their vision, going so far as to improve upon a design that the client created using a free design tool.

Although the logo provided some artistic direction for our creative team, there were many areas which could be improved upon. The font sizes for the logo were drastically different, causing the words to be read unnaturally, and the image presented a challenge due to the pronounced height differences of each family member featured. The logo used very thin lines as well, making it less aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Our creative team worked with what we were given, improving upon it to make it more visually dynamic while maintaining a sense of cohesion. We enlarged part of the phrase on their logo to ensure that it would be read naturally, and thickened the lines on the logo to make the logo more visually appealing.

We adjusted the heights of the family members in the image so it wouldn’t be as jarring to the eye, using the colors blue and black to coincide with part of the Southern Hills Baptist logo, which is a green-to-blue gradient. To top off the Trust-Based Parenting logo, we incorporated an element from the original Southern Hills Baptist logo (which features a tree on a hill) by adding a tree branch. The tree branch encompasses the image of the family, giving a protective feel as it watches over the family’s well-being.

We enjoyed a very positive response to the final product, gaining accolades for our work ethic and dedication to the project as well as our patience as the client discovered what they were looking for in terms of a new logo. Our services and techniques were well worth it, providing the client with a logo that they were ready to use immediately upon seeing it.

Our team produced a logo that is clean, sleek, and versatile, with a sense of continuity that draws Southern Hills Baptist church families to become a part of the worthwhile Trust-Based Parenting ministry. It’s always been our strength to turn something ordinary into magic, and our memorable, eye-appealing logo has accomplished that.