Sullivent Law Firm Rebrands With A New Sleek Look

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Press - Sullivent Law Firm Rebrands With A New Sleek Look

Sullivent Law Firm in Tulsa is doing an overhaul on their identity this year, and Matcha Design is excited to help them reposition their brand with a new look and feel that is unlike any local law firm around.

“We created a sleek, new brand that brought together the firm’s professional reputation and passion for industry innovation,” said Chris Lo, Creative Director at Matcha Design. “Before we designed the brand we consulted with owner,Tom Sullivent, about the firm’s new direction, and then planned a custom photo shoot to capture great shots for the first phase of the campaign.”

What resulted was not one, but two separate logos. A company wide logo featuring a sophisticated “S” at the design focal point. During the design process a second, more personal brand for Tom surfaced, using a custom designed silhouette of his profile.

“Many business owners and entrepreneurs are developing personal brands because they realize their relationship with the public is a huge part of their company’s brand identity and perception,” said Jenna Schario, Matcha Design Marketing and Communications Manager.

In addition, Sullivent Law Firm moved their offices and set up a temporary website page to preview their new brand until a full site is designed. They have launched Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts to engage the public online in a more casual way. Also, the law firm is developing an e-newsletter to engage clients and communicate industry news, events, helpful tips and more.

“Our goal is to guide clients and help make them successful, and we are excited to go forward with a new brand that captures our vision,” said Tom Sullivent.

Check back at the Matcha Design portfolio as Sullivent Law Firm’s new brand expands over the coming year.

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