The Competition is Heating Up Between Google and Microsoft

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

The Competition is Heating Up Between Google and Microsoft

We did a review on Windows Live Skydrive in October. One of the main features Microsoft offers is the ability to create, edit and store Office docs for free online via the browser. It also allows you to view the documents on your web-enabled mobile phone.

As some of you know, Google’s own Google Docs is one of Microsoft’s biggest rivals, and it has been on the market long before SkyDrive and has a large group of faithful followers including ourselves.

We’ve been utilizing Google Docs to coordinate requests with clients for a number of years now, and it has been very smooth and straight forward. One of the coolest features is the ability to create an online form within Google Docs to help users enter data into a spreadsheet. This is particularly beneficial to the people who are intimidated by the rows and cells and large amount of raw data. After their entries, we can make modifications and edits right on the spreadsheet itself with ease. To top it off, according to a press release that Google issued, you can now edit your Google Docs on your iPad, iPhone and Android (v 2.2 and higher) natively.

I launched my Google app within my iPhone and tried to make a few edits on my documents and found it quite user-friendly, it responds to the drag-zoom features of iPhone much better than before.

But wait, Microsoft just came up with Windows Live Mesh 2011, an internet-based file synchronization application to allow you to sync up to 5 GB of files to “SkyDrive synced storage” in the cloud with compatibility on both Windows and Mac OS X. Its ability is arguably the best sync application next to DropBox, another online tool that we have grown to love. We’re test driving Live Mesh 2011 and it looks and works promising so far. One note of caution though, Live Mesh allows you to pick a folder from your hard drive to sync. but it doesn’t allow you to pick a mounted folder from your network. So you’ll have to work around that accordingly.

We can’t wait to see what Google comes up with next. How about you, have you tried Google Docs and Windows Live yet?

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