True Productivity

Monday, November 14th, 2022

True Productivity

Everyone’s got their own definition of what productivity means. As a business owner, how do you gauge productivity, and what priorities do you hold onto? In this blog post, we’ll explore the meaning of true productivity and provide some strategies to help boost your productivity. Read on to find out more.

No One Seems to Have Time Anymore

Despite the fact that we’ve discovered countless ways to make our lives easier, we seem to have less time than ever before.

Ages ago, everything we consumed or wore took a great deal of work. Clothing had to be spun from wool, which was sheared from sheep, which had to be fed and taken care of. Even the process of creating thread was time-consuming. Likewise, before anyone could have a taste of bread, they had to first pluck the wheat, mill it into flour, and bake it into bread. People were up from sunup to sundown to provide for their families.

Today, we have meals we can simply toss into a microwave and enjoy minutes later. If we want clothing, a quick trip to the store is all that’s required. In fact, we can even have things delivered to us if going out of our homes is too great a task. Yet we still find ourselves feeling as if we’re running from one thing to another, with no great impact on our actual productivity.

We find ourselves running behind, our calendar full of tasks we have yet to get to, but which should have been completed months ago. How do we solve this problem?

Does Doing More Mean Being More Productive?

When most people think of productivity, they think of it in terms of getting everything done that they need to get done. The issue is that it’s very easy to blur the line between things we need to get done and things that we want to do. The honest truth is that we often feel exhausted when we’re doing too much. We spend our time on things that we don’t need to do.

Evaluate Your Priorities

A good example of this is extracurricular activities. Whether you’re a parent whose child is enrolled in multiple afterschool activities, or you find yourself volunteering several hours a week and becoming exhausted, you need to evaluate the situation.

Of course, this is easier said than done. You or your child obviously enjoy the activities, but it’s costing your well-being in the process. Are there any good things that you can let go of in order to regain your focus and be more intentional and productive in other areas of your life?

Focus On How You Live

Modern humanity tends to make the mistake of thinking that the newest piece of technology will solve their problems. While technology can certainly help, it’s not an end-all, be all solution. In fact, sometimes technology can be a hindrance.

Getting the newest smartphone or the latest computer isn’t the answer to all of your problems. Sometimes technology only serves to distract you from your many goals. How many times have you decided to watch “just one” Netflix show and found yourself still watching hours later? It’s very tempting to get lost in technology, so it’s important to deal with these “time suckers.”

Maintaining Productivity After the Great Resignation

As an entrepreneur, you’re likely facing other productivity challenges. Much of the labor force went missing after the Great Resignation, and business owners struggled to survive and keep their companies afloat. How can we face these challenges head-on without losing more productivity within our businesses?

Perspectives on the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation was a symptom of a greater issue: the disrespect of the common workforce. For decades, workers have suffered abuse within the workplace due to a need for financial means. There was little to no emphasis on company culture, and people were underpaid and overworked. The Great Resignation was an outpouring of that.

Productivity Strategies to Try

Here are some strategies you may want to consider as an entrepreneur:

  • Streamline operations with integrations. If you look, there are several tools available that can make your operations more efficient. Whether you choose to set up Zapier automations or look into other ways to use AI to benefit your business, it can be one way to rethink productivity.
  • Value your people. Old pay structures and employee benefits don’t work like they used to. Employers are finding that pay/benefits are a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to employee satisfaction. Of course, you should still pay people what they’re worth.
  • Cultivate a positive company culture. Modern workers are no longer willing to work in a job where they’re dragging their feet and counting down until they can be off the clock. Create a positive work environment and people will look forward to work.
  • Offer flexible work opportunities. If you have jobs available that don’t have to be in-person only, be flexible. By allowing employees to attend work where they feel most comfortable, you’ll boost productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Think outside the box. Having trouble hiring people? Why not look to outside-the-box solutions? Try hiring a temp or have a freelancer/contractor work alongside you.

Speaking of thinking outside the box, one of the ways our clients become more productive is by outsourcing design projects to us. We can help develop a logo for your brand, build a website, and even help create materials for your event booths.

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