Using HASHTAG Part 2

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Using HASHTAG Part 2

Now that you understand more about the basics of hashtags and how beneficial they can be to your business, here are some helpful tips on the etiquette of using hashtags.

Understanding the “Do’s and Don’ts” of using hashtags is helpful in keeping your online image professional and effective.  Here are a few helpful “Do’s and Don’ts”:

Do join a conversation by using the native hashtag.

As a brand, make it a point to join the conversation using the most organic hashtag your users already employ. This can be a chance to strengthen your brand loyalty and have your followers feel acknowledged.

Do use Hashtags on all platforms.

It’s not just a Twitter thing; we promise.  Creating a hashtag that can be used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help you widen your reach, while also continuing and increasing the conversation across all platforms.  Most networks use hashtags in the same basic way: to organize data and make it more simple for user consumption.  However, each network does use them slightly differently.  Hashtags are an efficient way to locate content related to distinct topics, as well as the people conversing about those subjects.

Do use hashtags to engage with your followers

Social media is a source of a whole lot of noise, use hashtags as a way to create a beacon – not add to the noise. And it makes sense. You don’t want your brand to become an annoyance to followers, you want to guide the conversation and encourage engagement.

Don’t add hashtags to every single word.

Adding hashtags to every word in your statement doesn’t add in any extra value for your follower. Actually, it does the opposite by making your conversation on social media feel forced and contrived.  If you must use more than one hashtag, make sure that the hashtags are related to each other.  You can drive more social media followers to the conversations by including a short but interesting message that is directly related to the hashtag. Providing pictures and other visual content will also help increase appeal.  Many people get very good results by using 1 or 2 hashtags only.

Don’t use inaccurate hashtags (#spam)

It’s social media’s version of spam. Really, it’s one of the ways to isolate current and potential followers all at once. Use relevant hashtags that are in line with your voice on social media and one your followers will acknowledge.

When you optimize dialogues, content, and updates with hashtags, they become more visible to others on social media platforms and search engines. A simple click or search for a hashtag will display those using that hashtag in conversation – instantly identifying an audience with common interests. The potential for using the hashtag is limitless and can be leveraged across platforms, or uniquely on each social platform.

Using hashtags will allow you to make an impression on a wide social media audience. Your goal is to make sure you are always sharing the best content, and always making the right impression.

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