Ways to Remove a Creative Block

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Ways to Remove a Creative Block

When you look deep down, you will realize that a creative block is more than just a negative feeling. Motivation is the driving factor for a creative person. Lack of motivation means little or no creativity at all. This can be quite frustrating for a creative individual. The creative block could even prove to be a threat to your career.

Here are a the most destructive types of creative blocks and their remedies:

Creative Block 101

Creative blocks exist in a variety of types, from temporary and mild to permanent and damaging. As such, each of these blocks requires a different type of solution. Below are the most common types of creative blocks:

  • Mental block
  • Working habits
  • Emotional barrier
  • Personal issues

Mental Block

The mental block is perhaps the most common and unpleasant of all creative blocks. Essentially, a mental block makes you a slave to your thinking. You generally don’t realize that until it is too late. Often, you end up thinking of a solution that doesn’t work. This unsuccessful idea becomes a recurring process that stops you from thinking out of the box. Your mind succumbs to your usual thinking, which leaves little room for creative ideas.

Solution: Getting rid of a mental block is not easy; it takes a lot of thinking to re-calibrate your mind. Simply put, you need to change your style of thinking. For example, you should ask yourself questions regarding your assumptions. As a result, your mind will try to come up with answers. Moreover, take a break from your work and go on a vacation. Absorb the natural sights and sounds, observe the beauty, and freshen up your mind. Meditation is another way to get rid of a mental block. It allows you to think out of the box and revitalizes your mind to a great extent.

Working habits that don’t work

Perhaps there is no great drama in it — your habits just don’t work. Sometimes, you attempt to work in a way you are not compatible with. For instance, you start working for too long or short of a period, too early or too late. You either try too hard or not hard enough. When this repeats in a cycle, you end up thinking about it too much.

Solution: Take a moment out of your schedule and have a good look at your working patterns. Identify the pain points and address them accordingly. If you feel exhausted while working, check the time of day. If it is about email, switch to an easier system to deal with your communications. If too much freedom bothers you, bring some routine into your life. If it is about the same routine, make room for some improvisation.

Emotional Barrier

There is little doubt that creativity can take a toll over time. Being overly creative can lead to many uncertainties. For instance, you may become unsure of what you might discover about yourself or someone close to you. It could be that the subject you are working on is boring, emotionally draining, or weird.

Solution: You are going through the worst — it is time to come out on the other side. You can do a lot of things to address your emotional block. For instance, try meditation; it will refresh your mind and help you relax. However, you’ll have to ultimately face your fears and get over them. Think of stepping into cold water, whether you dive into it or go inch by inch. Once you’ve gone through it, you will experience a sigh of relief, a relaxation like none other that’ll help you confront your emotional barriers head on.

Personal issues

It is well-known that creativity demands total focus, and you cannot focus if you are going through personal issues in life. For instance, losing a best friend, filing for divorce, handling toddlers, or getting into drug addiction are just some of the various forms of personal issues.

Solution: Contrary to popular thinking, addressing your personal issues is not as difficult as it might seem. For instance, there are two ways to resolve the issue: either cope with it or wait until it passes. It may be better to take some time off from your daily routine. While you are away, take your time and try to focus on the task for an hour or two each day. In due time, you will be back to your creative self.

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