Why Are User-Centric Design Solutions So Challenging to Implement?

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Why Are User-Centric Design Solutions So Challenging to Implement?

Many inexperienced web developers embark upon the challenging task of creating a website, but many amateur website designers run into the same road block: they find that it’s extremely challenging to create a site that’s user-centric!

A web design that lacks user-friendliness can have many different flaws. Some place a tremendous emphasis on crafting a site that they believe will be attractive to search engines, so they focus on Google instead of creating a site that’s attractive to actual humans. In fact, this approach can be downright disastrous! The reason? Google now places great emphasis on user experience, also called UX. So a site that’s packed with keywords and lacks user-friendliness in a general sense fails on two levels: it’s off-putting to the user and it’s off-putting to search engines like Google!

Other sites are not user-centric due to poor web design. This often results from a situation where the designer is unfamiliar with the user’s needs and preferences. To complicate matters, different sites have different types of users, so what’s user-friendly on one site may not be user-friendly on another website. This is where it’s helpful to work with an experienced web designer, who’s familiar with the features, layout and other characteristics that make for a great UX for your unique site type and niche.

Some features and traits that enhance UX include:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-navigate site layout.
  • An eye-catching web design, which captures the brand’s essence and delivers a user experience that aligns with the brand’s mission.
  • Well-written content that’s clear, engaging and easy to understand.
  • The proper amount of content is essential: too much content and the reader skips over it entirely, whereas if you have too little content, the reader is left with unanswered questions. You must achieve the proper balance for each section of the site.
  • Logical interlinking makes for easier browsing and longer time spent on-site.
  • Social media sharing buttons allow for easy sharing and a more robust social media marketing campaign on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, a web design’s aesthetic should be consistent with the client’s overall branding and print design aesthetic. This consistency between print and web design allows for branding consistency, which is absolutely essential for creating a strong brand identity for a company, product or campaign.

A user-centric web design utilizes creative elements and functional elements in concert to create a unique and memorable experience for the visitor. Overdoing the creative design elements can detract from the overall UX; conversely, you can also end up with problems if you fail to include functional site components in a manner that makes sense to the user.

At Tulsa-based Matcha Design, we specialize in crafting user-centric websites that align with a client’s branding goals, aesthetic preferences and overall purpose for the website. Our development team works hand-in-hand with each client to understand their goals, the website’s target audience and precisely how they’ll be interacting with the site. A clear understanding of how users will be interacting with the site is essential, as it will allow for a design and layout that’s both intuitive and aesthetically attractive.

Each company, individual, organization or brand is unique in terms of mission, target audience and personality. The most effective web designers will craft a site that blends both aesthetic elements with functional elements to deliver an experience that’s user-friendly, engaging and memorable, while also helping the client to achieve their goals and objectives.

If you need help crafting a user-centric website design; one that aligns with your social media marketingprint marketing and other branding objectives, turn to the experts at Tulsa’s Matcha Design.

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