You Are the Reason Matcha Design Succeeds!

Monday, November 20, 2023

You Are the Reason Matcha Design Succeeds!

The team at Matcha Design wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving! Every year (usually, over turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce) people pause during Thanksgiving week to remember what they’re thankful for. As we make our own preparations to enjoy the season, we can’t help but be in awe of our amazing clients and readers.

Our Clients and Readers Are the Best

We want to say thank you – yes, you – for all your support over the years. There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of having “Customers for Life”. Some of our clients and readers just click with us, and working with you is effortless, fun, and awesome. We are honored that you would come to us for the experience of working with us, and creating your projects is energizing.

The Angry Designer podcast we recently listened to was talking about the difference between customers for life and other types of customers, and we really liked how they described them. Though we enjoy all types and seasons of customers, we agree that the “Customer for Life” one is pretty special.

There are three types of customers:

  • Reason customers– these are the ones that sign on to work with you for a very specific reason. They need something specific (and short-term) done and once it is, you never hear from them again.
  • Fleeting customers– these customers are a bit longer term, and they stick around for a while. Inevitably though, you’re not a great match and you stop working together.
  • Customers for life– these ones are the cream of the crop. Something just clicks when you work together, and they know they can count on you to deliver what they need when they need it. No matter where life takes them (even if they switch companies), they’re gonna think of you first when an opportunity comes along.

The only way to get customers for life is to offer exceptional service at every turn. Being involved in making things happen for your clients is non-negotiable if you want to be remembered by them for years to come.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to show thanks once in a while!

The Top 5 Ways to Show Thanks

Contrary to popular belief, there are more ways to show appreciation to your clients and readers than offering discounts. Here are some ideas.

1. Handwritten Thank-You Cards

If you own a service company, chances are you already have your client’s addresses. Going out of your way to send a handwritten thank you can remind them that you’re happy to help if they need any further assistance, and show that you don’t take their patronage for granted.

2. Feature Your Customers

Ask permission to feature customers on your website or social media channel. You can show your appreciation for their patronage and share a few fun facts about them. Lifting up others has a positive effect on you and the person you’re encouraging.

3. Personalize Your Thank You Email or Message

Even if you can’t handwrite and send a note of gratitude to your clients, you can send a personalized email to them. Reminisce about some of your favorite conversations together and talk about why you enjoy working with them so much. You can even talk about the milestones you’ve celebrated!

4. Show That You Share Their Values

Values are an important aspect of meshing with clients – so what better way to show that you’re grateful for your clients than by showing you share their values? You can do this a few ways, including sponsoring events, donating a percentage of your earnings to a charity, and partnering with other charities/local businesses.

5. Listen to Customer Feedback

It’s one thing to say that you appreciate your clients, but it’s another thing entirely to show that you’re listening to what they want. If your customers have offered helpful feedback or suggestions on what you could change to make the service better, implementing them can be a great way to show you care!

If You’re Reading This, Thank You!

Whether you’re just starting out reading our blog or have been with us for decades, we are so thankful for you! We’ve done a lot of creative projects over the years, and our clients have given us plenty of opportunities to expand our skill sets and grow into the award-winning company we are today. And if you need any help with your next design project, we hope you’ll think of us!

About Matcha Design

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