Promise Hotels

Website Design & Development for a Hotel Development and Hospitality Management Company

“This website really impacted our customer interface in a vast and positive way. We had fewer issues in communication and more visitor engagement because of Matcha’s web design and efforts.”

Type of Work: Web Design
New Custom Website Design for Non-Profit Scholarship Fund

Promise Hotels Get Updated Look and Branding Through a New Website Design

Promise Hotels, a hospitality and hotel management company, owns and operates several sites under the Hilton, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Hampton Inn & Suites, Expo Inn Hotel, Motel 6, and Days Inn branding throughout the state of Oklahoma. 

The owners, Pete and Tina Patel, first came to us in 2013. Then, they only had a logo and a reserved domain name, but no website. They wanted a website with CMS, so we built and maintained a website for them using Concrete 5 (C5). 

In 2018, they approached us to create a revitalized online presence that modified their brand and solved some of the problems they were experiencing with their CMS site. The project required our team to conduct research and investigations about the company, its facilities, employees, etc., in order for us to thoroughly understand the company’s mission, vision, and services provided.

In the end, our creative team designed a fully informative, interactive, and sleek website that put visitors in touch with whichever hotel site they wanted, the management company itself, and informed them about the company’s community involvement and career opportunities.

“Matcha’s creative team really grasped our company’s essence with their design and web copy. Our new look and online capabilities seem to grow our brand recognition and digital presence.”

Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design


When creating a website and brand for a company, you establish an identity. When we first started working with Promise Hotels in 2013, our creative team had no prior knowledge of them, their operations, mission, etc. To properly represent our client online, we had to really dig down and know them through and through. All Promise Hotels had at this point was a logo. Being a local company with only people of the area knowing about them, we needed to evolve their brand for a massive digital footprint. That meant many personnel hours understanding and discovering all about Promise Hotels, which could cause problems with our project’s budget restrictions.

For the website revamp in 2018, our creative team needed to develop a user-friendly user interface that kept customers informed about upcoming items, deals, etc., from Promise Hotels. Unfortunately, the site Promise Hotels wanted in 2013 had become unusable due to updates, coding, and interface issues.

Lastly, we had to source images for the hotel chain and keep the entire project low-budget. We needed great images of the different locations all around – inside their rooms and lobbies for visitors so visitors could fully see where they were staying. We also needed to develop the images to interact with all online platforms without losing quality. 


In 2013, our creative team conducted in-depth research about every facet of the company. However, much can change in five years, so we did more research in anticipation for the website update in 2018. This included reading how they position themselves in their own brochures, visiting the hotels, and interviewing personnel.

After our team had a firm grasp on the identity and mission of Promise Hotels, we set out to develop a site that represented all that they encompassed. We used their familiar color scheme for the site, added a personable touch on the web copy to give visitors that friendly feel, and went with a simplistic WordPress theme that was more user-friendly and compatible with varying levels of technology capabilities. 

We constructed the site to update on upcoming changes, events, openings, etc., for customers to interact with online. We added a contact form for quick interaction between Promise Hotels’ locations and their potential visitors. 

We also added an employee portfolio page to give visitors faces to recognize during their stays, and we constructed a careers page that listed current openings, the information for each, and a one-click interface for candidates to send the needed information to the correct person. We designed all of these features with Promise Hotels’ company personality as we worked to increase their brand recognition.

Finally, we ensured that the website maintained the look and interface we created whether users visited the website on their computers or mobile devices. We wanted everyone to have a great experience no matter how they accessed the website.