Asbury Grand Opening Postcard

Custom Postcard for Church Grand Opening

“The announcement of the Grand Opening of the buildings dedicated to the Asbury Youth represented the spirit and energy of the church.”

Type of Work: Advertising | Print Design
Sector: Faith
Church Grand Opening Custom Postcard Design

Tulsa church seeks custom postcard design to celebrate grand opening of capital campaign achievement

Asbury United Methodist Church required a custom celebratory postcard to invite members of their fellowship, as well as members of the local community, to the open house and tour of the newest expansion of their Student’s and Children’s Ministry.

After years of fundraising and campaigning, the church was finally able to offer a substantial space of faith to the youngest members of their church. The teaching and growth of this age group was responsible for the next generation of members of our society.

Our team created a bright, energetic postcard design that exuded feelings of celebration, achievement, and forward motion. The lively collage of bright colors, artistic flourishes, and multiple patterns and designs resulted in a coruscating invitational postcard.

“We designed this custom postcard in celebration of the incredible efforts of the Tulsa community to come together and support their local churches and children alike.”

Asbury Grand Opening Postcard Print Design


The Asbury United Methodist Church hosted a capital campaign known as Mission: Possible in order to raise money to construct two new buildings within their church. Venue68 was to be a new Student’s ministry, a facility in dire need of an upgrade to keep up with their expanding fellowship base. As one of the largest churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they were welcoming new families with children of all ages into their faith on a daily basis. Not all of their new members were old enough to join the Student’s ministry, however, therefore the existing Children’s space also needed a serious remodel and expansion.

Years of fundraising and thousands of thoughtful contributions later, the 14 million dollar goal of the Mission: Possible capital campaign was officially labeled Mission: Accomplished! The church successfully completed both new facilities for the children and students of their fellowship with few complications. In celebration of both the achievement of their capital campaign and the completed construction of the new Student’s and Children’s ministries,

Asbury United Methodist Church sought to distribute a custom-designed postcard to their fellowship and to any other local contributors. They also utilized postcard marketing to the local community in order to spread awareness about their new renovations and expansions. The event was catered by a number of different local vendors and also hosted a charity concert. The stage was graced by national recording artist Ernestine Dillard in honor of relief efforts of an F-4 tornado that devastated Picher, Oklahoma.


Our creative design team approached this custom print design with respect to all three branches of the Asbury United Methodist Church’s ministry’s colors and mission statements. All three independent logos included an orange or citrus color within their emblem, therefore it seemed a fitting choice for the base color of the design. We decided on a fluid, almost floral pattern for the accent of the design in order to represent the youth and energy of the event as a whole.

Centered on the postcard was a custom message from the church in a black, serif font. “Come & Celebrate with Us!” In a larger, centered font below this were the words “GRAND OPENING” in capital letters, serving as the centerpiece of the front of the postcard. The date of the event was centered below the grand opening statement, in a larger font size that created balance between the text above and below the central announcement. The vibrancy of the postcard combined with the message contained within it conveyed the celebratory atmosphere of the event and attracted a large audience of attendees.