5 Ways to Convert Visitors into Customers

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 Ways to Convert Visitors into Customers

When it comes to running your online business, one of the biggest issues that you will face is converting visitors into customers. It is difficult enough building up web traffic, but it becomes even worse if you cannot get them to purchase the products that you have to offer. While you will not convert every visitor to your site, you must be able to convince a reasonable amount to purchase what you offer. Otherwise, all of your marketing efforts will go to waste.

Fortunately, it is not too late to improve your website so that it converts more visitors to customers. You will need to make an honest evaluation by putting yourself in the shoes of a customer and ask, “Would I purchase from this website?”

Five Methods to Improve Sales Conversion

Improve Page Loading Speed

This is one of the most popular reasons why many visitors do not become customers. If your website is loading too slowly, it tells the would-be customer that your website may be flawed which puts doubt in their minds and they quickly leave. So, you will need to optimize your webpages by shrinking down images, tuning the web settings and reducing the number of database calls on the server end of the process. To do all of that will help load your webpage much faster for your customers.

Bad Purchasing Process

Remember, until the money hits the register they are not customers. If your purchasing software is clunky or not intuitive, this will drive away most potential customers right at the point of purchase. Make sure you are using simple, straightforward and quick purchasing software so that customers will find it easy to buy your products.

Good Review Strategy

A series of positive reviews can go a long way to establish your credibility with the potential customer. This will help prevent the occasional bad or 1-star reviews from turning away someone who otherwise would make a purchase. It helps if your website has really earned those reviews, so try to get them in place as soon as you can.

Website Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

This is a growing issue as more people use smartphones and tablets to surf the internet than traditional computers and laptops. If your website does not fit on the screen of a mobile device, you will quickly turn away customers. Here, your website needs what is known as a responsive design which makes your site the appropriate size for whatever device is being used.

Not Utilizing Multiple Landing Pages

Having a landing page that is dedicated to sales is always a good idea since the customer does not have to go through your website to then find what they want. Multiple landing pages are a simple, yet excellent way to convert more sales since you can emphasize different products in the proper light.

In addition, you should also consider appealing to International visitors in some fashion through simple language translation of your website. By utilizing these methods, you can rapidly change the fortunes of your online business through better sales conversion.

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