Amazing HTML5 Animated Ad to Strengthen Digital Marketing Program

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Amazing HTML5 Animated Ad to Strengthen Digital Marketing Program

Banner advertisements are an integral part of online marketing and you will find them everywhere – on websites, blogs, social media, and much more. The banner ad is an eye-catching image with attractive contents to draw the target audience to the seller’s website and boost business. The structure and size of such ads may vary depending upon the budget requirement, ad positioning, and other factors. Following are some important aspects that will influence the net results and are of great value if you are looking forward to creating a cool HTML5 animated ad.

Theme Design Relevance

The main goal of HTML5 animated ads is to direct the audiences to the seller’s website. Therefore, the banner theme and design should be relevant to the appearance of the website while retaining all the necessary elements. The ad should clearly state the idea of what to expect when a visitor reaches the site.

Animated Ads with Motion Effects

The web audience is changing and so is the market competition. The traditional banner ad designs do not look as remarkable as they used to during the initial years. Depending on the theme and purpose of the ad, the modern designers implement the motion effects, giving some subtle transitions and video effects to the ads. Such ads look great and help to raise the conversion rates. However, it is important to note that the audiences do not like ads that are too lengthy. The ideal recommended time frame for motion effects should be around 20-30 seconds to employ maximum positive effect.

Responsive Web Design Compatibility

A large section of the web audience is on mobile Internet today looking for products and services on smart phones and tablets. If your website has a responsive design, the cool HTML5 animated ad you intend to create for the website should have the same mobile site compatibility to reach the maximum number of visitors. The responsive compatible ads can be resized based on adjustments to different screen sizes.

Impressive Call to Action

Every banner ad must have a strong and compelling call to action so that the audiences will be urged to proceed for further interaction. This is the ideal way to drag your visitors to the conversation funnel. The most popular form is to add a button, but there are other means such as QR Code, etc.

Standard Specifications

The destination of your banner ads is generally on other websites belonging to bloggers, affiliate marketers, etc. Keeping this factor in mind, you should maintain a standard specification, mainly following the recommendations of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The professional designers know these standards and frame the HTML5 animated ads based on these guidelines.

Summing It Up

Today search engine-friendly HTML5 animated ads help the businesses to draw a great deal of buyers’ response and beat competitors. They are affordable enough to suit small-budget advertising programs for new businesses. All you need is a professionally designed ad with sufficient material to grab the attention of your buyers.

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