B2B Marketing: How to Present Your Benefits in Terms of Measurable, Tangible Results

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

B2B Marketing: How to Present Your Benefits in Terms of Measurable, Tangible Results

When you’re marketing a product or service to another business, it’s important to outline the measurable, tangible results that are associated with your product or service.

An average Joe consumer is heavily swayed by trends and emotion, so you can use these factors to sway a consumer’s opinion of a product or even convince a buyer that he absolutely, positively must have a particular item!

But compared to the typical consumer, companies take a very different approach to shopping. Businesses aren’t swayed by what’s cool or trendy, nor are you going to appeal to them on an emotional level. These consumers make shopping decisions based on logic. They purchase what’s practical, effective and affordable. For the business, there is one primary focus: that which is profitable!

So when planning a B2B marketing campaign, you can’t strive for those impulsive, emotion-driven sales. And marketing something as cool or trendy simply won’t work.

Vague, non-specific promises or claims won’t cut it when you’re dealing with a B2B marketing campaign for your services. You must offer measurable, tangible results.

Let’s examine a few different examples of an effective B2B marketing approach:

Don’t say: ‘We’ll improve your company’s bottom line.’
Do say: ‘On average, we reduce our clients’ shipping expenses by 25%.’

Don’t say: ‘We’ll bring results and give your business a boost.’
Do say: ‘We boosted Client X’s lead volume by 60% in just 6 weeks.’

Don’t say: ‘We’ll improve your accounting efficiency.’
Do say: ‘We’ll reduce the amount of time spent tending to your company’s bookkeeping tasks by an average of 30%.’

It’s important to be specific and spell out the tangible benefit to the client or customer.

Companies value their time. They don’t want to waste time playing guessing games. Nor do they want to do the calculations on their own. So it’s up to you to do the leg work for them!

Present your product or service as the logical solution to their problem. By the end of your commercial, sales pitch or website visit, the customer should feel as though it would be impractical if they were to take their business elsewhere!

At the end of the day, buying your product or service should be the most logical course of action; the game plan that simply makes sense.

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