Color – More Than Meets the Eye

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Color – More Than Meets the Eye

With Independence day right around the corner, there is a bevy of patriotic items strewn throughout the stores in our country. The red, white, and blue color scheme plays a key role during the month of July. You can find this combination in a variety of forms from products to schools to company styles, but have you ever wondered why those colors were chosen? Each color symbolizes different things and can evoke certain feelings in the viewer. When it comes to color there is more than meets the eye.

Our nation’s color scheme consists of two primary colors and a neutral. The first primary, red, has many meanings that vary from country to country. In the U.S, it is often a symbol of passion, energy, and anger. The other primary, blue, represents trust, honesty, and loyalty while the neutral white symbolizes perfection, innocence, and wholeness. A break down of this color scheme shows us some of the characteristics of our country and how our forefathers chose these colors to represent us.

Many businesses, schools, and organizations including Pepsi, Major League Baseball, and Tommy Hilfiger have also adopted this color palette. The question then arises: are they trying to represent the same concepts?

The use of color in business takes on a whole new meaning. Though we may not realize it, color has a strong effect on us at the subconscious level and many companies use it to their advantage. In the world of business, the color red is used to cause excitement and create a sense of urgency, one of the many reasons why the tags on clearance items are usually red. Blue is used to create a feeling of trust and security, which is why it is the most common color featured in banks and corporations while white represents cleanliness and is used with health care companies and hospitals.

Whether you’re picking out a new color to paint your bedroom or trying to strategically choose a certain palette to represent your company, it’s important to take into consideration the meaning and effects colors have.

What color is your company logo? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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