Creative Like An Artist

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Creative Like An Artist

Maybe you’re reading this as someone who creates regularly and is delighted with your creative output in terms of the amount, the quality and the depth? Then congratulations! It’s a stage that few creative people reach. If you’re not currently feeling quite so creative, in fact if you rarely feel very creative at all, then carry on reading.

At the heart of all creative endeavors are two elements.

Element 1: The idea. Every creative project begins with a small seed of an idea, a starting point. Something that may have come as a flash of inspiration, or a natural development of an existing idea. Every creative project – every song, book, collage, photo, painting and film – begins with a single idea.

Element 2: The creative artist. Someone with the courage, vision and belief to take that tiny idea and make it into something wonderful. Without an artist, a creative spirit that’ll take up the idea and expand it into something amazing, the idea will just sit there going nowhere. Or just evaporate completely, lost forever.

So what we are going to focus on is element 2, the creative artist, rather than element 1, the creative idea. We are going to show you how you are actually a far more creative artist than your realise.

If there wasn’t a part of you that believed you were creative, and that you could build on that and become MORE creative, then you wouldn’t even be reading this would you?

So it’s time to gather what we are going to call your “Artistic Evidence”. Your Artistic Evidence is anything and everything you’ve done in the past that’s creative. Every action, every thought, every idea that’s demonstrated that yes you ARE a creative person, when you allow yourself to be.

So, take a sheet of paper and divide it into 5 columns, with these 5 headings:

1. Creative Thinking.

Write under this column every time you can remember when you’ve thought creatively. It might be when you’ve been daydreaming, or been trying to come up with a solution, or just putting together two disconnected thoughts and making a new connected idea.

2. Creative Actions.

List here all the creative actions you’ve taken. This can be literal things like a picture you’ve painted or a letter you’ve written. Note down about all the examples you can, there will be more than you think.

3. Creative Advice.

All the times when someone’s asked you for advice about a problem, and you’ve listened then offered them solutions and ideas. This is a very creative activity that we easily overlook and discount. List them all.

4. Creative Approach.

These are the occasions when you’ve taken a different approach than usual. Maybe you’ve taken a different route to work, added your own fresh twist to a favorite recipe, or come up with possible new solutions to an ongoing problem. Write them under this heading.

5. Creative Ideas.

Think of the pure creative ideas you have had. List down the ones that are for your own creative projects as well as those that come out of nowhere, and offer a solution to an everyday frustration or problem.

Once you get in the flow of this exercise, you will soon realize how creative you are, and how many creative ideas and approaches you use every day. Your Artistic Evidence will amount to far more than you thought it would. The next step after acknowledging this creativity is starting to channel it into the creative projects you are really passionate about.

Every artist has progressively “borrowed” and built upon the work of others. As Salvador Dali said “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” The same can be said of today’s most recognizable businesses.

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