5 Ideas To Help Your Business Grow

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Five Ideas To Help Your Business Grow

Don’t have time to brainstorm ways to grow your business? Check out our five simple, but effective ideas to help move your business forward!

1. Make sure clients find you

Your clients need to find you fast and easy. There are many ways to approach this topic, but No. 1 is your website; make it good looking, easy to navigate, and infuse it with strategic keywords to amp up the site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Use social networking and blogs to push referral traffic to your site and gain exposure. Also, make sure you have strong brand value and appeal. If you are concerned your brand identity does not properly represent your business, seek the counsel of an experienced branding team before building your website and other marketing.

2. Let your clients market for you

Ask your clients to give you a online review or request a quote to use in your marketing materials and on your website. These testimonials will help draw in potential customers.

3. Place a value on your time

Make sure your pricing model reflects the time you and your employees spend on producing your products or services. If you want to be profitable, you can’t base your prices on material costs alone. Your time has value and make sure you charge for it.

4. Use video storytelling

Videos are a great way to engage customers online, and people love watching them (hint: YouTube)! Consider doing an introduction video about your company. People are more likely to watch a quick two minute video, rather than read lengthy text about a company overview.

5. Start Blogging

People want to know that your business is about more than just selling services and products. A blog to keeps customers engaged with your brand, position you as a leader in your industry, and it helps boost SEO and your social media networks with fresh content. Have fun with your blog! Write about your office dog, a new innovative product trend, a news update from your business, and more!

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