How Important a Tag Management System Is to Your Online Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Important a Tag Management System Is to Your Online Marketing Strategy

Tag Management System is a new, unique way of marketing which allows the online marketers to easily connect, manage, and unify their digital marketing resources (e.g., web analytics, PPC, newsletters, digital advertising, social media platforms, etc.) without putting a lot of effort on researching keywords.

A tag, in this scenario, is basically an alternative name for a set of data-collecting codes that a vast majority of digital vendors now oblige their customers to embed on their web pages and mobile apps.

These tags often collect visitor behavior information but can also be used to launch product functionality such as live chat, advertising, or surveys.

Tag management also works with mobile apps where the same agility applies – install the tag management solution once and reduce the cycles needed to change analytics data points or deploy mobile solutions.

Tag Management System Explained:

Tag management compromises many advantages across the organization. Below are three major scenarios and related benefits to get excited about:

Bring Order to Chaos

With digital marketers using a more complex set of results than ever before to engross customers, digital marketing has become a chaotic burden. Tag management reduces complication for both marketing and development resources and allows digital marketers to move faster and launch campaigns easier than ever before.

Tag management can also significantly increase website performance by reducing the number of tags firing on each page (tag bloat is often a main cause of site performance degradation). This, in turn, helps increase online conversions and revenue.

Build Your Own Marketing Cloud

Some marketers believe they need to be tied to one marketing cloud vendor – such as Adobe,, or Oracle – for both convenience and the promise of simple data integration. But the truth is, no one cloud can be everything to everyone.

Marketers need ultimate flexibility to choose the best solutions for their unique business needs. Tag management, through that unifying data layer, enables marketers to use any solution they want, whether it’s from a marketing cloud or from a best-in-class point provider, and still have them work together.

Additionally, the same visitor profile can easily be shared across your entire marketing technology stack, leading to unified messaging across channels and devices.

Unlock Your Marketing Potential

Tag management helps marketers and their organizations in more diverse ways than perhaps any other digital marketing solution. At a core level, tag management helps increase marketing agility, reduce costs, and boost website performance.

At a more strategic level, it helps improve data governance and control, maximize marketing technology investments, streamline data integration processes, and drive more profitable, real-time customer interactions across all digital touchpoints.

Another underrated bonus of tag management is that it helps unify internal teams by reducing technology complexity, both in managing mission-critical applications and uniting key customer data.

Ironically, the only thing standing in their way is too much technology and data and the inability to effectively manage it. Through tag management and a sound technology strategy, marketers can easily cross into that next marketing frontier.

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